Topping L70 Full Balanced Desktop NFCA Headphone Amplifier

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Topping L70 Full Balanced Desktop NFCA Headphone Amplifier

The Topping L70 is a high-power desktop headphone amplifier that uses NFCA modules (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier).
Its balanced headphone amplification circuit provide powerful output with ultra-low distortion and noise-free background. The Topping L70 can drive the most demanding headphones. It has multiple headphone output ports, like 4-pin XLR, 4.4mm balanced, 6.35mm single-ended headphone ports and 3.5mm single-ended.

High-performance NFCA modules
The Topping L70 is designed with the same NFCA module as Topping A90 headphone amplifier. Voltage current hybrid feedback architecture along with UHGF (Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology, provides excellent DC and AC performance, ultra-low THD+N and high dynamic range.

Compatible with almost all kinds of headphones
The Topping L70 output has high output voltage, high output current, low noise , low output impedance, so it can drive even the most demanding headphones.
High output voltage can easily drive high impedance headphones; high output current allows low-sensitivity headphones to obtain enough power; low noise allows high-sensitivity IEMs to not suffer from any background noise.

Two gain settings
The topping L70 has 2 gain settings, which cover a wider range of needs to meet the needs of different headphones, from low-sensitivity over-ears to high-sensitivity IEMs.
With the help of extremely low noise 0.3uV, even IEMs will not hear any background noise.

- Balanced Output: Low Gain 6.0dB; High Gain 19.8dB
- SE Output: Low Gain 0dB; High Gain: 13.8dB

Headphone amplifier and preamplifier
The Topping L70 is not only a powerful headphone amplifier, but it can also serve as a preamplifier. When in preamp mode, it can provide the same high performance as the headphone amp mode, and the 20 Oghm SE and 40 Ohm balanced output impedance are widely suitable for various power amplifiers. It has RCA, TRS and XLR output ports.

Customized volume control
The Topping L70 uses a R2R volume control system composed of relays and resistor networks, which brings the advantages of precise control with balanced channel performance, longevity and remote control. The Topping L70 can be set to memorize the volume and gain depending on the input/output modes.

Content List:

- Topping L70
- Remote control
- Jack 6.35mm to Jack 3.5mm adapter
- Power Cable
- User Manual
- Warranty Card

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Topping L70 Full Balanced Desktop NFCA Headphone Amplifier

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