Topping NX7 Portable Headphone NFCA Amplifier Balanced

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Topping NX7 Portable High-Power Headphone NFCA Amplifier Balanced

NFCA amplifier

The new NFCA amplifier circuit is specifically designed for portable amplifiers.

The low idle power consumption allows for extended battery life. This is done while having 0.00007% THD+N and 135dB SNR. It’s powerful and clean enough for power hungry full sized headphones and sensitive IEMs.

Easily drive the full size headphone with high performance

The NX7 can output 180mW of high power under a load of 300 ohms, and with the help of 3 step gain setting, the small body can easily beat the full sized headphones. It is worth mentioning that even when the output is 200mW, the load distortion is only 0.00008%.

Equally outstanding while driving IEMs

The low gain of NX7 is -13.8dB. When used with high-sensitivity in-ear headphones, there will be almost no trouble of potentiometer bias in the comfortable volume range. You will no longer need to worry about the embarrassment of the volume setting of high-sensitivity in-ear headphones.

The background noise of NX7 is only <0.3uV, which is inaudible ad as quiet as the deep ocean. 50mV SNR is 104dB.

The output impedance of NX7 is as low as 0.1Ohm. Even if it is driving high-sensitivity IEMs, it will not introduce sound coloration. You no longer need to worry about sound matching.

Anti-mistouch and anti-breaking design

NX7 is designed with corner guards at both ends to protect the entire panel, effectively preventing the volume knob from being mistouched in the pocket, and greatly reducing the possibility of breaking the headphone plug.

Is compatible with 3.5mm headphones and 4.4mm plug headphones.

Dimensions135 x 70 x 16mm
Package1x Toping NX7
1x Jack 3.5mm cable
1x USB-A to USB-C cable
2x Rubber bands
1x Rubber pad

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Topping NX7 Portable Headphone NFCA Amplifier Balanced

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