FiiO SK-BTR5 Protective Leather Case for BTR5


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FiiO SK-BTR5 Protective Case for FIIO BTR5 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier 


You can still see the clear display

In order to view the current status and navigate through the setup menu more easily, the SK-BTR5 has a specifically cut-out hole for the BTR5’s OLED display, allowing you to view and use it whenever you need to.

Easy to get in and out

Inserting the BTR5 into the SK-BTR5 case is easy by pushing through the unit through the top hole. Removing the BTR5 from the case is similarly painless by gently pushing through the rounded holes at the bottom.

Easy-to-press, indented buttons

The inside of the button areas of the SK-BTR5 are not only indented to prevent accidental presses, but are also designed to be easy to press so you can press quickly whenever you need to.

High quality skin-friendly leather

High-quality leather with not only a luxurious and exquisite texture but also with scratch resistance was specifically chosen for the SK-BTR5, making it a natural complement to the elegance of the BTR5.

Innovative minimalist design

The flawlessly stitched nylon of the SK-BTR5 is stylish and durable, while its stylish black one-piece design seamlessly complements the BTR5 itself.

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FiiO SK-BTR5 Protective Leather Case for BTR5

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