DD-Electronics TC05 USB Type-C Cable OTG


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Cable TC05 - TypeC to TypeC USB Data Cable - Lenght about 12cm.

The New Era of TypeC Decoding Comes

The music playing device has transformed from the tape, CD, MD, to MP3 and the nowadays' Hi-Res DAP, great changes has also taken place on the transmission connector. With more and more phones and computers using the TypeC connector, the digital music enters a new era. USB-C DAC can not only make up for the loss of 3.5mm jack, but also provide enhanced performance. The TC05 is a TypeC to TypeC data cable which is specially designed for audiophiles to connect your music source with the decoders. 

Sturdy and Reliable

As an universal adapter, it's supposed to come with sturdy wire and reliable connectors to ensure stability for long term use. The TC05 uses stainless net as protective confer, strengthened sheath to the core of conductor as well as anodise sandblasted aluminium alloy for the connector shell. 

Symmetric Connector Supports Inserting Either Way

It's recommended to use the TC05 for connecting FiiO K3 with computer, but it also allows to connect to other product that supports USB DAC function, such as FiiO M9, M7 and BTR3.

*It's required to connect according to the direction of the arrows: computer or smartphone as the output device while the decoder as the input device. Each connector allows you to insert a cable either way. 

Note: We do not recommended the use with a mobile phone, because when used with it, the mobile phone will charge the player. Please use it carefully. 

DD-Electronics as a glance

Guangzhou DD Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July, 2017 and had successfully registered the trademarks ddHiFi and DD. We focus on making auxiliary, dedicated and customized audio products to audiophiles.

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DD-Electronics TC05 USB Type-C Cable OTG

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