FiiO FH9 Flagship Hybrid IEM 6 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic Driver

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FiiO FH9 6 Balanced Armature + Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi IEMs Audiophile In-ear Earphone

1 dynamic 6 balanced armature driver design

2nd gen DLC diaphragm bass driver

Custom 6 Knowles BA setup

Titanium alloy construction

Semi-open acoustic design

Stainless steel angled MMCX connectors

Interchangeable sound filters

High-purity monocrystalline silver pure cable

Flagship Hybrid IEM, 1 dynamic 6 BA driver acoustic

FiiO's new flagship hybrid IEMs, the FH9, is the result of two years' worth of intense research on how to fully take advantage of the strengths of hybrid IEMs and push the boundaries of what they can sound like. This 1 dynamic 6 BA driver design (7 in total) features a 2nd generation 13.6mm DLC diaphragm dynamic bass driver fully capable of extending to the lowest frequencies with ample punch. Mid and high frequencies are handled by a custom 6 Knowles BA setup that accurately reproduces every last musical detail. Together, these drivers provide a rich and detailed musical soundscape fully befitting a flagship.

Build quality worthy of a flagship Titanium alloy construction

TheFH9'snext generation industrial design gives it a decidedly premium look and feel worth of its status. Not only is the FH9'stitanium alloy construction beautiful, but its extreme rigidity also helps to greatly minimize unwanted harmonics and resonances for better sound quality. Each FH9 ear unit is precisely made with five- axis CNC machining to ensure it meets tight tolerances and be of high build quality. All of this is combined with a pleasing feel against your skin for excellent wearing comfort, allowing you to easily immerse yourself into ,long listening sessions.

Specially customized 6 Knowles BA setup

All 6 BA drivers in each ear unit of the FH9 are from Knowles. High frequencies are handled by the proven SWFK -31736 drivers. For the mid frequency drivers, FiiO has partnered with Knowles themselves in over 2years of extensive research on how to best implement such drivers to achieve perfect harmony between multiple drivers for an absolutely coherent sound.

The FH9's shell is specially engineered to eliminate unwanted harmonic resonance generated as sound waves travel through the shell, sound tube and cavity - which greatly eliminates undesirable sibilance in the sound.

2nd generation FiiO DLC diaphragm dynamic bass driver

The FH9 is FiiO's first hybrid IEM to feature a self- developed 2nd generation DLC (diamond-like carbon) bass driver. Compared to the 1st generation driver, the magnetic circuit structure has been redesigned resulting in 20% higher magnetic density to better push the massive 13.6mm DLC diaphragm - which means an even more dynamic sound. And thanks to DLC's outstanding rigidity and high damping coefficient, the FH9's bass driver is capable of providing extremely quick transient response with extremely minimal distortion.

Fatigue-free listening, semi-open acoustic design

The FH9 features a semi-open acoustic design incorporating FiiO's patented system of balanced pressure relief between the front and rear cavities. The result is more natural sound, and more comfortable listening in longer sessions due to greatly minimized pressure on your eardrums when listening.

Specially-tuned sound, interchangeable sound filters

TheflagshipFH9 comes standard with three interchangeable sound filters. Each sound filter has its own damping and filter density, allowing you to choose between three different sound signatures.

Red: enhanced dynamic bass focus

Green: clear, transparent balanced timbre

Black: highly resolving detailed treble focus

*The black sound filter comes pre-installed. Other filters are included as accessories.

Enhanced ergonomics stainless steel angled MMCX connectors

The beautiful stainless steel angled MMCX connectors are designed to make your wearing experience as painless as possible. Details such as the special angle allow you to more easily connect your IEMs for more comfortable wearing as well as the left blue right red indicators to quickly get you going. All serve to let you purely focus on enjoying your music.

Pristinely pure high-quality high-purity pure silver cable

Included with the FH9 is a high-purity pure silver cable with 8 branches of 28 wires each, for a total of 224 wires. Each wire is individually isolated and all are braided together in the Litz style. The outer sheath of the cable is made from environmentally friendly TPU, which not only sports a radiant transparent look but is also resistant against yellowing under long-term use and stiffening when in low-temperature environments.


Model: FH9

Driver: 13.6mm dynamic + 6 Knowles balanced armature

Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz

Impedance: 18Ω@1kHz

Sensitivity: 108dB(1kHz@1mW)

Max input power: 100mW

Cable: high-quality pure silver cable

Cable length: 1.2m

Single unit weight: 12.8g



HB5 carrying case*1

Bass ear tips*3 pairs (SML)

Balanced ear tips*3 pairs (SML)

Vocals ear tips*3 pairs (SML)

Foam ear tips*2 pairs (M)

Double -flange ear tips *2 (M)

SpinFit ear tips*3 pairs (SML)

Cleaning brush*1

MMCX removal tool*1

Magnetic clamp*1

Green/Black/Red audio filters*1 set

2.5/3.5/4.4mm interchangeable audio plug*1 set

8 strands of 224 wires each high-purity monocrystalline pure silver cable*1

*1 pair of SpinFit ear tips and 1 set of black filters are pre -installed at the factory


FiiO logo

About FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

01 Brand Introduction - HiFi+Fashion

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.  It is a high-tech enterprise that combines research, development, production and sales, and its sales are mainly based on its own FiiO brand as opposed to OEM/ODM.  It focuses on digital audio, with current mainstay products being portable headphone amplifiers, DAC / amps and portable digital audio players.

FiiO: It is composed of Fi (Fidelity) from HiFi and iO (represents number 1 and 0) which indicates the sincerer feeling and more convenient life the digital tech has brought to us.

飞傲: The Chinese transliteration of FiiO, as well as representing youthful vigor and the active & innovative spirit of the company.

Audio products are meant to fulfill the spiritual pleasure of users.

  1. FiiO provides products and service related to music.
  2. We also hope to bring happiness to our users with the provided products and service, which is also the key value of FiiO.

Customer Service

  1. Good after-sales service, more reliable
  2. Great user experience, more pleasure
  3. Variety of activities, more involved

About products

  1. Affordable: FiiO products are well-known for its feature of high cost-performance. Lowering the entry level to make more customers can afford.
  2. Easy to use: FiiO pays great attention to the user experience. We are not only provide products with high quality, but also easy to use and with long lasting durability.
  3. More accessories bring more fun: Enable to play in a variety way and use under more possible environments.
  4. Updates available: Equipped with a variety of ports, it makes the music players can still connect to external amp/DAC for upgraded enjoyment.
  5. Endless transformability available: With replaceable amp module and expandable storage, the X7 can bring more playability.

02 Company Profile

Research & Development Team

  • Twenty years of R&D experience in audio products
  • Former core R&D team for audio products from OPPO
  • A team of 20 professional R&D engineers in software, hardware, industrial design, structure and electro-acoustic.

Research & Development Investment

FiiO keeps bringing in advanced equipments and high-tech talents so as to ensure the stable growth and long term competitive edge. Up till now, the team size has expanded three times than that of 2007 when we established.

Team Composition

The R&D team is made up of development dep, engineering dep and QC dep, with 60+engineers in total.

Authorized certifications

FC, CE, KC, CCC and ISO9001:2008 ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Production management

FiiO has strict requirements to production with almost “zero tolerance” even to small problems, which is strictly in compliance with the International Quality Management System ISO9001. 

QC Equipment 

  • a. AP audio analyzer (valued at 200,000RMB).
  • b. Life-span test platform against high & low temperature, swing and plug & unplug trial.
  • Aging test carriage towards mass production.
  • Aging test machine under high & low temperature.

Customer oriented

Driven by customers’ needs, we innovate constantly and response promptly to the market changes. We develop new products based on customers’ needs and compete for more market shares.

Company culture - Our Vision

Present the world a better “Made in China”.

Brand Spirit

  • Innovation

the earliest company that designed the minimum volume headphone amplifier. First dockable amp & DAC product. First amp specially designed for iPod/iPhone. First amp with adjustable power supply and power supplied by mobile phone battery. First multifunctional headphone amp & DAC for Android smarphone. First Hi-Res music player at a price lower than 1000RMB supporting 192K music. First Android-based Hi-res music player. 

  • Quality

Repair Rate < 1%. Sound Quality Control system. Original components imported from TI, Wolfson, Maxim. Company-wide quality control. +20 quality engineers and inspectors. Complete testing facilities. 

  • Service

CEO at the frontline of customer service. 100% response to enquiries. The most popular headphone amplifier brand on Head-Fi. First class website and contents in the audio industry. Interaction with and support to customers on Facebook and Microblog (twitter-like social website).

Brand Mission

FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style.

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FiiO FH9 Flagship Hybrid IEM 6 Balanced Armature + 1 Dynamic Driver

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FiiO FH9

Utilizzo questi auricolari col DAP Fiio M11 Pro. Ascolto pop, rock e hard rock, in locale in formato FLAC SD e HD con l'app proprietaria Fiio Music in Pure Music Mode, mentre per lo streaming utilizzo Qobuz Hi-Fi Sublime+. Sono davvero molto soddisfatto dell'acquisto. Il suono degli FH9 è per me molto piacevole, caldo e dettagliato allo stesso tempo,  senza squilibri o asprezze. Sicuramente aiuta anche il cavo di qualità fornito con gli auricolari. Dopo vari esperimenti, ho scelto di usare gli in ear con la configurazione di fabbrica, cioè ear tips e filtro sonoro di serie. Collegamento al DAP (gain high) con terminazione bilanciata 4.4 mm. Attenzione: con sorgenti non all'altezza, gli FH9 non perdonano e non nascondono eventuali imperfezioni. Impeccabile come sempre il servizio di Playstereo, che ha consegnato in 24 ore dall'ordine!

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Non è difficile recensire questo prodotto dal momento che è il Top di gamma di Fiio si potrebbe dire che eccelle in tutto e che non ha difetti, ma penso che chi vuol sapere come suonano questi auricolari voglia anche sapere come vanno rispetto agli FH7, FH5, FH3. Per quanto mi riguarda ho posseduto per 1 anno e mezzo gli FH7 e li ho usati con un M11 Pro e con cavo bilanciato da 4.4 preso a parte. Innanzitutto posso dire che è un gran vantaggio poter disporre dei plug da 2.5, 3.5 e 4.4 da intercambiare in un attimo senza dover spende ulteriori 70 euro per un cavo bilanciato.
Dopo qualche giorno di rodaggio posso dire che gli Fh9 possono essere considerati un upgrade rispetto agli FH7, ma non è uno stravolgimento. è sicuramente vero che il sistema semiopen sulla scocca dell'auricolare alleggerisce la pressione, me ne sono accorto durante l'ascolto e state tranquilli se avete paura che intorno a voi possano sentire l'audio, non è cosi e non ho nemmeno percepito differenze per quanto riguarda l'isolamento, quindi durante l'ascolto non sentirete i rumori intorno a voi. Per quanto riguarda la qualità dell'audio i bassi sono un pelino migliori degli FH7, forse per il materiale in titanio della guscio esterno che come dichiarato dalla casa dovrebbe garantire un ascolto più pulito. Anche i medi e gli alti risultano leggermente più pulito, ma senza miglioramenti consistenti. Ho notato invece un buon miglioramento per quanto riguarda l'ampiezza del palcoscenico, sembra ci sia più spazio per voci e strumenti, dunque questo sembra essere il maggior miglioramento dal punto di vista sonoro.
Il cavo ha una qualità decisamente superiore e anche esteticamente sembra nettamente più lussuoso, si tratta di un nero atracite e sembra indistruttibile, gli auricolari nella colorazione nera e oro sono di un lucido brillante che da un effetto specchio, sembrano proprio dei gioielli, a parer mio esteticamente migliori della colorazione silver titanio.
Vale la pena spende 550 rispetto a 400 dei fiio fh7? Se mettete in conto un ulteriore spesa di 70 per il cavo bilanciato allora direi si, dal momento che gli fh9 sono un prodotto del 2021 mentre gli fh7 sono un prodotto del 2019, dunque gli fh9 godono di migliorie che valgono i soldi in più, ma per chi è indeciso o per chi non troverà disponibili gli fh9 potrebbe essere interessante aspettare l'arrivo degli fh7s, una versione aggiornata degli fh7 che se presi a 400-450 possono essere una valida alternativa

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Top quality

I nuovi auricolari Fiio FH9 sono il top di gamma della linea hibrida costruiti in titanio. Dopo circa tre giorni di rodaggio danno il meglio delle potenzialità: bassi profondi ma non invasivi, medie frequenze al giusto livello, alti perfetti, non troppo taglienti. Il cavo è il migliore che ho mai provato e con la possibilità di cambiare solo il jack (2,5 3 e 4,4) in dotazione dunque non c'e bisogno di avere altri cavi. Anche la dorazione di copri auricolari è al top, ci sono tutte le misure possibili inclusi i memory foam. Si distinguono anche per la separazione dei canali e apertura del palcoscenico. Personalmente le uso con Astell&Kern Kann Alpha, files in formato WAVE a 24 bit 192 Khz o DSD 64 e 128, risultato è spettacolare. Playstereo ha inviato il pacco nella stessa giornata dell'ordine, arrivato in 24 ore.

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