SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII High-End DAC Decoder AK4493 24Bit/384KHZ DSD256 SK10 MKII

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Sanskrit 10th MKⅡ Small desktop audio DAC

This is the MKII version of SMSL Sanskrit 10th anniversary edition : an original and aesthetic device with extremely comprehensive features for a very affordable price. It works with a conversion chip AKM AK4493, a USB interface XMOS and its construction follows proven circuits in high fidelity audio.

It has a rotating screen (like a smartphone) that allows it to be installed on both sides (Length / Width) without losing legibility. A second novelty lays in its power supply since the device has two USB inputs, so as to separate the power supply from data and gain in sound clarity.

Definitely designed for the high-quality sound, Sanskrit is able to decode DSD formats (DSD 512max) and PCM (768kHz).

It has all the necessary inputs to meet a complex installation and can simultaneously connect a digital audio source (computer, smartphone OTG, media center), a TV and a gaming station thanks to USB / Coaxial and Optics ports.

To facilitate installation in any type of environment, Sanskrit can be placed either on its edge or along its length. Best of all, the device has an integrated sensor allowing it to automatically orient the screen in your reading direction.

The digital / analog decoding is made possible by a chip AK4493 AKM. This advanced audio component preserves transparency, finesse and details in the sound reproduction.

The AK4490 operates together with a XMOS asynchronous USB interface thant is famous for its native support of DSD streams. These chips are integrated in Sanskrit with a procession of proven electronic components from the power-supply units to NDK ultra low phase noise clocks.

With this choice of ambitious components (especially in this price range), DAC Sanskrit delivers crystal clear sound with extremely low distortion (THD + N 0.0002%), wide dynamic range of 119dB and comfortable SNR of 120dB.

Finally, Sanskrit has two features that are found usually in larger, more complex and more expensive devices:

- A hardware volume control (does not damage the resolution in digital audio stream). This feature allows to connect Sanskrit directly to a power amplifier without necessarily having to go through a volume controller preamplifier.

- A remote control support. Every function can be driven remotely such as : raise / lower the volume, alternate sources

Sanskrit is USB-powered via a Micro-USB input on its back cover.

To isolate the audio signal from the noise coming along the power supply, two USB entries are present: one dedicated to data only and the other dedicated exclusively to the power supply. Thanks to this configuration, the audio source is not in charge of powering the DAC - which is generally poor in this function - and it is quite possible to connect this USB input to a real regulated linear power supply that meets the audiophile standards to maximize your listening experience.

Introduction to SMSL Audio

SMSL Audio is a company specializing in audio DACs, headphone amplifiers, power amplifiers, digital interfaces and high fidelity players, with its own research, production and marketing team.

The brand has its own R&D center that designs high quality HiFi products that meet all needs. The reliability of their devices has allowed the brand to gain popularity and recognition in the audiophile world.

A bit of history...

SMSL Audio established in Shenzen, China in 2009. In 2014 SMSL started to use ESS DAC chips to design and manufacture Hi-Fi Audio DACs. In 2015 SMSL created the widely acclaimed "Panda Set". In 2016 we launched a new series of power amplifiers with Danish ICE-Power technology. And in 2017 the company expanded its sales channels outside China. In 2018 the flagship SMSL DAC D1 is launched. In 2019 we launched the first MQA DAC, model M500. In 2020, on the SMSL's 10th Anniversary, we started the production of our first two-way passive hi-fi speaker. To be continued...

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SMSL Sanskrit 10th MKII High-End DAC Decoder AK4493 24Bit/384KHZ DSD256 SK10 MKII

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