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FiiO FT5 Open-back Planar Magnetic Headphones

  •     Open magnetostatic 90 mm planar headphones
  •     Easy to drive even when mobile
  •     Large 90mm planar magnetic driver - Ultra-thin 6µm diaphragm
  •     Coil made of micron-coated aluminum-silver alloy
  •     Open construction / Lightweight magnesium alloy construction
  •     20 neodymium magnets per driver
  •     High sensitivity, easy to drive 110dB/1Vrms@1kHz and 96dB/mW@1kHz
  •     Includes high-purity monocrystalline copper cable (392 strand)
  •     Includes 2 types of ear pads (velour - balanced sound, enhanced ambience, gorgeous / leatherette - powerful clear sound, wide soundstage, very detailed)
  •     4 types of plugs/adapters included (3.5mm / 4.4mm / 6.35mm / 4-pin XLR)

Discover manufacturing and technology in the micrometer range

Planar magnetic drivers lie between dynamic and electrostatic headphones in terms of sound. As with dynamic headphones, there is a kind of coil on the planar driver. Similar to electrostatic headphones, the diaphragm is a special type of thin foil in the micrometer range. These properties of the planar driver make it possible to develop headphones that not only sound very detailed, but can also be easily powered. The FT5 is the first planar magnetic headphone from FIIO that gives your sound the energy of a thunderstorm.

Large 90 mm planar magnetic driver

The FIIO FT5 has an outstanding large 90 mm planar magnet driver. Compared to a conventional dynamic driver, a planar magnet driver converts sound energy into sound waves in a more balanced way by vibrating much more evenly. The vibrations are distributed over the entire diaphragm of the driver and there is hardly any distortion caused by the stiffness of the diaphragm material. This allows the FIIO FT5 to reproduce audio signals truthfully and accurately, faithfully reproducing every single note and giving you lossless hi-fi sound.

Thin as a cicada's wing - ultra-thin 6μm diaphragm

When designing the FiiO FT5, the development team didn't just blindly chase bigger (or smaller) numbers - rather, everything was designed to meet stringent sound performance targets. FiiO realized that a diaphragm that is too thin can easily cause the coils attached to the diaphragm to fall off, leaving the user with unusable headphones. Therefore, after extensive testing, the FiiO development team determined that a thickness of 6μm was the ideal balance between sound performance and reliability. For the diaphragm itself, the FiiO development team investigated various materials such as PET, PEI and PAR. After extensive sound quality and reliability testing, the development team chose PAR thanks to its superior performance on the above criteria compared to other materials. The PAR diaphragm is not only the backbone of the FT5's excellent dynamics and highly detailed sound, but also of the rich bass not normally found in headphones with planar magnet technology.

Coils made of micron-coated aluminum-silver alloy

In a flat driver diaphragm with a printed coil, almost all the weight is concentrated on the metal-coated coils. When developing the FiiO FT5, R&D engineers had to consider not only how the coils would interact with the 6 μm thin diaphragm, but also the density and conductivity of the coils themselves. After examining and testing various common materials used to make planar coils, FIIO engineers concluded that the lighter aluminum alloy material was best suited for the coils. They also found that the addition of silver metal would improve the conductivity of the coils, making it easier to power the driver without losing the high-frequency detail and full sound characteristic of good planar magnet drivers.

Nanoscale diaphragm coating High-end sound that is truly audible

The coils of the FT5 driver are printed onto the diaphragm using high-end technology from the semiconductor industry, which not only makes the thickness of the coils more uniform, but also distributes the weight of the coils more evenly - ultimately resulting in more uniform diaphragms for a more precise sound.

20 neodymium magnets per driver - the way to balance

To ensure greater wearing comfort, 11 magnets are placed on the inside and 9 magnets on the outside of the FT5 flat magnet driver, resulting in 20 magnets per channel and a total of 40 magnets for the entire headphones. Due to the balanced arrangement of the magnets, the aluminum alloy coils are evenly distributed in the magnetic field. In addition, the driver's diaphragm is balanced between the forces of the inner and outer magnets, ensuring smooth movement of the driver and therefore less distortion for higher fidelity.

The power of balance

The FT5 uses N52 neodymium magnets with a magnetic density of up to 1.5T to generate the strong forces required to drive the large planar magnetic driver. These magnets are arranged parallel to the coils of the driver so that the coils are evenly distributed in the magnetic field to maximize the driving force of the headphones and utilize the full potential of the planar magnetic driver.

High sensitivity and easy power supply

Planar magnetic headphones traditionally have low sensitivity, leading many users of such headphones to use a large desktop audio device to realize their full potential. Planar magnetic headphones traditionally cannot be heard sufficiently when traveling.

However, the FT5 is not like traditional planar magnetic headphones. Thanks to 20 neodymium magnets with a high magnetic density of up to 1.5T, a 6μm thin diaphragm and nano-level aluminum alloy coating technology, the FT5's driver is both lightweight and strong, enabling a high sensitivity of 110dB/1Vrms@1kHz, i.e. 96dB/mW@1kHz. This allows the FT5 to be easily driven by portable players, so you can experience the full sound wherever you go.

Lightweight magnesium alloy construction

The design of a planar magnetic driver involves the number of magnets to be used and their stacking, with more magnets meaning more weight. Therefore, the materials that make up the outer shell of a planar magnetic headphone must be carefully selected to balance sound quality and weight. The FiiO FT5 is made from a magnesium alloy. Since a magnesium alloy has only 64% of the density of an aluminum alloy, the FT5 can be built much lighter, allowing for long and comfortable listening.

Better performing metal construction

When designing the FT5, the FiiO development team paid particular attention to the strong vibrations generated by the massive 90 mm planar magnet driver. This is why the FT5 is made of metal, which is much better able to withstand the vibrations generated by the driver - such as those caused by playing bass-heavy tracks - than a plastic housing.

Open design

To maximize its potential, the FT5 also features a specially designed open back acoustic structure. The rear of the driver enclosure has been carefully designed to act as a baffle to isolate the sound waves at the front and rear of the driver enclosure. The FT5's grille is scientifically designed to control and precisely accelerate the airflow as the speaker moves. This not only gives the FT5 a treble resolution unmatched by dynamic headphones, but also a wide and expansive soundstage that further immerses you in the symphony.

Conversation with an engineer

Every detail contributes to excellent sound "In a dynamic driver, the voice coil vibrates, causing the entire diaphragm to vibrate to produce the sound. However, this can easily lead to uneven vibrations across different parts of the diaphragm, resulting in distortion when reproducing higher frequencies. The diaphragm of a planar magnetic loudspeaker is a large flat surface on which the coils are distributed and which is moved by a uniform magnetic field. In contrast to dynamic loudspeakers, the sound of a planar magnetic loudspeaker is produced by a more uniform movement of the entire membrane, resulting in less uneven oscillation between the different parts and therefore less distortion. The principle of sound generation of planar magnetic drivers is most similar to that of electrostatic drivers. Compared to dynamic drivers, the biggest advantage of planar magnetic drivers is their excellent high-frequency performance, thanks to the extremely thin diaphragm of the driver. Because the FT5's diaphragm, which is only 6 µm thick, is driven by many parallel magnets, the planar magnet driver is extremely responsive and dynamic, delivering a truly satisfying level of detail."

Joseph Chief Engineer of FIIO IEM's R&D Center

Professional design that really moves you - Excellent phase coherence throughout the frequency range

The FiiO FT5 is a planar magnetic headphone in which the coils of the planar driver are distributed over the entire diaphragm. In contrast to dynamic drivers, which only vibrate at certain points, the entire diaphragm surface of the planar driver vibrates. This leads to a more synchronized movement over the entire driver and thus to a better phase distortion compared to dynamic drivers. Through simulations and analysis of a large amount of experimental data, the FT5 planar driver's coils have been optimally placed to ensure an evenly distributed magnetic field for consistent phase performance across all frequencies - for a clear and true listening experience.

Follow your heart without constraint 3-axis swivel capability

The FT5 features the excellent 3-axis swivel design used on other FT Series headphones. This allows the ear cups to rotate freely and attach to your head, regardless of the angle or size of your head, providing a better quality and seal.

Good sound, made from good materials - 392 wires of high-purity, silver-plated, monocrystalline copper cable

The FiiO FT5 comes with a 1.5 m cable consisting of 392 wires of silver-plated monocrystalline copper, each wire having a diameter of 23 AWG. The copper wires provide a solid and highly detailed sound that is passed directly to you without loss.

Widely compatible - 4 interchangeable audio plugs included

The FT5 comes with 4 interchangeable audio plugs:

  • 3.5mm/4.4mm interchangeable plugs
  • 3,5-mm to 6,35-mm-Adapter
  • 4.4mm to XLR-4 balanced adapter

*The patent for interchangeable audio plugs has been licensed by FABRILOUS.


  • Headphone type: Open-back magnetic headphones with planar technology
  • Frequency response: 7Hz-40kHz
  • Driver type: 90mm planar magnetic
  • Driver material: PAR diaphragm + aluminum alloy coils
  • Impedance: 36Ω
  • Sensitivity: 110dB/Vrms (@1kHz) 96dB/mW (@1kHz)
  • Maximum power consumption: 2000mW
  • Weight: Approximately 456g (without cable)
  • Pressure of ear pads: 4.0N±0.3N
  • Cable length: About 1.5m
  • Cable material: 392 cores of high-purity, silver-plated, monocrystalline copper
  • Cable connection: Two 3.5 mm plugs at the end of the headphones, with interchangeable audio plugs Extensive

FiiO logo

About FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

01 Brand Introduction - HiFi+Fashion

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.  It is a high-tech enterprise that combines research, development, production and sales, and its sales are mainly based on its own FiiO brand as opposed to OEM/ODM.  It focuses on digital audio, with current mainstay products being portable headphone amplifiers, DAC / amps and portable digital audio players.

FiiO: It is composed of Fi (Fidelity) from HiFi and iO (represents number 1 and 0) which indicates the sincerer feeling and more convenient life the digital tech has brought to us.

飞傲: The Chinese transliteration of FiiO, as well as representing youthful vigor and the active & innovative spirit of the company.

Audio products are meant to fulfill the spiritual pleasure of users.

  1. FiiO provides products and service related to music.
  2. We also hope to bring happiness to our users with the provided products and service, which is also the key value of FiiO.

Customer Service

  1. Good after-sales service, more reliable
  2. Great user experience, more pleasure
  3. Variety of activities, more involved

About products

  1. Affordable: FiiO products are well-known for its feature of high cost-performance. Lowering the entry level to make more customers can afford.
  2. Easy to use: FiiO pays great attention to the user experience. We are not only provide products with high quality, but also easy to use and with long lasting durability.
  3. More accessories bring more fun: Enable to play in a variety way and use under more possible environments.
  4. Updates available: Equipped with a variety of ports, it makes the music players can still connect to external amp/DAC for upgraded enjoyment.
  5. Endless transformability available: With replaceable amp module and expandable storage, the X7 can bring more playability.

02 Company Profile

Research & Development Team

  • Twenty years of R&D experience in audio products
  • Former core R&D team for audio products from OPPO
  • A team of 20 professional R&D engineers in software, hardware, industrial design, structure and electro-acoustic.

Research & Development Investment

FiiO keeps bringing in advanced equipments and high-tech talents so as to ensure the stable growth and long term competitive edge. Up till now, the team size has expanded three times than that of 2007 when we established.

Team Composition

The R&D team is made up of development dep, engineering dep and QC dep, with 60+engineers in total.

Authorized certifications

FC, CE, KC, CCC and ISO9001:2008 ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Production management

FiiO has strict requirements to production with almost “zero tolerance” even to small problems, which is strictly in compliance with the International Quality Management System ISO9001. 

QC Equipment 

  • a. AP audio analyzer (valued at 200,000RMB).
  • b. Life-span test platform against high & low temperature, swing and plug & unplug trial.
  • Aging test carriage towards mass production.
  • Aging test machine under high & low temperature.

Customer oriented

Driven by customers’ needs, we innovate constantly and response promptly to the market changes. We develop new products based on customers’ needs and compete for more market shares.

Company culture - Our Vision

Present the world a better “Made in China”.

Brand Spirit

  • Innovation

the earliest company that designed the minimum volume headphone amplifier. First dockable amp & DAC product. First amp specially designed for iPod/iPhone. First amp with adjustable power supply and power supplied by mobile phone battery. First multifunctional headphone amp & DAC for Android smarphone. First Hi-Res music player at a price lower than 1000RMB supporting 192K music. First Android-based Hi-res music player. 

  • Quality

Repair Rate < 1%. Sound Quality Control system. Original components imported from TI, Wolfson, Maxim. Company-wide quality control. +20 quality engineers and inspectors. Complete testing facilities. 

  • Service

CEO at the frontline of customer service. 100% response to enquiries. The most popular headphone amplifier brand on Head-Fi. First class website and contents in the audio industry. Interaction with and support to customers on Facebook and Microblog (twitter-like social website).

Brand Mission

FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style.

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FiiO FT5 Open-back Planar Magnetic Headphones

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