Euphya Symbiose 3.10 Integrated Amplifier

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Brand: Euphya


Solid state integrated amplifier with external PSU and 55W/channel with plenty of current to drive a great number of loudspeakers. More than ever, the Integrated Amplifier Euphya Symbiose 310 respects the artistic intention of the musician, as good as the natural timbre, the rythm and the natural holography of the original creative execution. Wonderful fullness and fluidity.

This multi-talented integrated amplifier allows a tonal balance of rare coherence on all parameters to release the deployment of the sensual pleasure of the music and the natural exciting felt at live acoustic concerts. So, it's easy to deepen the musical structure of the reproduced programme. Dedicated to all the good listeners, also when it indulges in the aesthetic standards generally appreciated by audiophiles, it is so generous that it will only leave space to the music.

The "Symbiose 3.10" is at same tile an extension and an improvement of the Alliance 280.

It's External Power Supply provide Full Regulation on every electrical need of our amplifier. With it output is perfectly managed. A lot of prestigious Loudspeakers can be drived easely. We made demos on Tannoy, tests on ProAc, ... it is amazing to listen to what can do a simple 55 W / channel amplifier.

The Amplifier itself is an Alliance 280 with some specific hand made improvements and without Transformer : for instance the Loudspeaker output wire is rigid with hand prepared surface.

At the same time, as it is external the Power Supply can be plug on a simple Alliance 280. The quality is improved and very close to the Symbiose 3.10.

In fact we discover that the transformer in an amplifier, even if ot used, is a source of pollution. Withdrawing it the "Symbiose 3.10" gets much clear than the Alliance 280. So the external the Power Supply is avalaible separatly and named "Alim Excellence".

Description and Construction

Built and finely optimized for the rejection of all internal parts to the MDI ( Micro Discharge Interface distortion). Updating...

Symbiose 3.10

- Solid state amplifier with 55W per channel and it includes the separate "Excellence" external Power Supply.

- High-quality MM Phono input included ( or optional High-End Phono MM/MC internal board).
- Remote control.
- Headphone output optionally available on request (contact us).
- The Excellence power supply is included with the Symbiose 3.10 that cannot work alone.


Demonstration at Musicale Alta Fedeltà (Pescara, Italy). Contact us to book a listening session.

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Euphya Symbiose 3.10 Integrated Amplifier

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Demo now active on PlayStereo Studio.  

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