Topping PRE90 NFCA Balanced / Unbalanced Preamplifier

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Topping PRE90 NFCA Balanced/Unbalanced Preamplifier

Topping's Pre90 is a high performance preamplifier, based on a fully balanced circuit and high performance NFCA modules. It also benefits from a high quality volume attenuator and easy control, thanks to its front screen.

High performance NFCA modules

At the heart of the Pre90 are hidden NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) modules, similar to those integrated in the excellent Topping A90. This hybrid voltage / current architecture associated with UFGF (Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology offers excellent DC and AC performance. The Pre90 thus displays an ultra-low noise level of 0.3µV and an incredible dynamic range of 145dB, in order to provide precise, immersive and rich sound reproduction.

Symmetrical circuits

The Pre90 adopts a fully symmetrical structure, making it possible to process both balanced and unbalanced signals. The output can thus be balanced, unbalanced, or combine these two options. Additionally, with its balanced input and unbalanced input, the Pre90 can be used to convert balanced to unbalanced, or, conversely, unbalanced to balanced.

Amplification of weak signals

With a maximum gain of + 16dB, the Topping Pre90 can easily amplify weak input signals to achieve an acceptable level to deliver to your amplifier. In addition, its noise level of 0.3µVrms being extremely low, the Pre90 does not add any audible noise during signal amplification.

Volume attenuator

Using many high quality Japanese relays for its volume control, the Pre90 allows precise adjustment of sound level, while maintaining perfect channel balance. In addition, if the volume level was high when the device was turned off, the Pre90 will automatically reduce the sound level the next time it is turned on in order to preserve your audio system and your hearing. It is also possible to use and adjust the "Safe Volume" function, allowing you to indicate a maximum volume level (this function can be deactivated).

Topping Ext90, a perfect extension for maximum versatility
Optional product, sold separately

The Pre90 offers a balanced XLR input and an unbalanced RCA input. The Ext90 is the perfect companion to the Pre90, providing two unbalanced RCA inputs and a total of 4 balanced XLR inputs. Ideal for a multi-source system.

Selectable outputs

Topping Pre90 is used to select the active output. This can be configured on "XLR only", "RCA only" or "XLR + RCA". Thus, the amplified signal can be broadcast to two different amplifiers.

Volume memory

The Pre90 has an independent volume memory for each input or for each output. When multiple inputs with different levels are connected, changing the active input often requires readjusting the volume level. The volume memory thus allows automatic adjustment to the last parameter saved for each input. It is possible to choose to use this memory for the outputs, in order to adapt the level according to the destination amplifiers.

The Pre90 can only store input volume or output volume, but not both at the same time.

Technical Features

Product TypePreamplifier
Input1x XLR Balanced
1x RCA Unbalanced
Output1x XLR Balanced
1x RCA Unbalanced

Dimensions22.2 x 16 x 4.5cm
Châssis MaterialAluminium
Package1x Topping Pre90
1x Remote Control
1x Schuko power cable

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Topping PRE90 NFCA Balanced / Unbalanced Preamplifier

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