FIIO M17 Digital Audio Player DAP 2x ES9038Pro THX-AAA 788 Balanced


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FiiO M17 - Digital Audio Player DAP 2x ES9038Pro THX-AAA 788 Balanced

Redefining portable expectations
The smart desktop-class M17 is an entirely new chapter of FiiO digital audio players. It's desktop-grade DAC, amplification, power supply, etc. give it the output power and sound quality to rival and perhaps even surpass highly-regarded desktop systems, but in a portable package. Let the M17 redefine what is possible with portable audio players.
Desktop-league DAC ES9038PRO
The left and right audio channels each contain a desktop-class, 8-channel ES9038PRO flagship DAC. This means that each audio channel has 8 parallel outputs summed together for superior resolution and minimal distortion for extremely pure audio reproduction. MQA is supported.

Desktop-class THX 788+ headphone amp

Desktop-class amplification also plays an important role in the M17. FiiO and THX jointly developed the exclusive THX AAA-788+, an upgraded version of the original op-amp. Compared to the original, output power is increased by 225% up to 3000mW per channel with a lower output impedance, allowing it more effortlessly power all kinds of headphones.

Desktop-grade gain

Under battery power, there are 4 gain levels: low, medium, high, and headphone mode. When under DC mode, the super headphone mode gain is unlocked, with a truly desktop level of amplification gain. In balanced output, gain can get as high as 16dB, allowing the M17 to easily drive most headphones.

Desktop-level connectivity

Thanks to its larger size, the M17 features a variety of connectivity options allowing for many different convenient use cases:
• 3.5mm output: headphone out/line out
• 6.3mm output: headphone out
• 2.5mm output: balanced headphone out
• 4.4mm output: balanced headphone out/balanced line out
• RCA coaxial port: coaxial input and output
• USB 3.0 port: supports USB Host and Device modes, can be used for high-speed data transfers and fast charging
• USB 2.0 port: supports USB Host mode, allowing external DACs

Desktop-quality power supply

The M17 contains two power supplies, a battery power suppyl and a power supply powered by external DC power. The battery power supply allows you to use the M17 in situations where there is no access to a power outlet. Under DC power supply, voltage in the analogue circuit is increased by 35% up to 11.5V compared to under battery power supply; and the battery is kept healthy since it is not used in this mode.

Desktop-tier heat dissipation

With exceptional audio quality comes large power consumption, so effective heat dissipation was a large focus when designing the M17. Not only are "H" type heat dissipation and VC liquid cooling technologies adopted, the M17's 151g unibody aluminium alloy frame also effectively transfers heat out of the device. Finally, the cooling fan stand also further makes sure heat is rapidly transported away.

Physical digital-analogue separation for reduced interference

Within the M17 and 17 PCBs with immersion gold finish, with the analogue and digital sections physically separated by being on two different boards to reduce interference between the two portions. 7 high-conductivity copper alloy shields also provide shielding to greatly reduce internal and external electromagnetic interference on analogue audio signals within the M17.

Highly-optimised modular internal structure

The M17's design took 1.5 years to complete, going through 6 major design iterations with 12 rounds of internal structural design optimisation. The result is a device that makes excellent use of its internal space. Within the M17 are carefully stacked analogue and digital boards with thoughtful use of stainless-steel hexagons, which allowed FiiO to stuff nearly twice the surface area of PCBs compared to normal in such as limited space.

Press or twist to enjoy

The volume can be adjusted either using an analogue potentiometer knob or using buttons. Quickly and easily go through 120 levels of volume through either method.

Radiant RGB ambient light

The M17 features a seven-colour RGB ambient light system with extensive customisation options. Colours can be set to be either fixed, to follow the audio, or to follow a cycle. The brightness of the ambient light can be set to change depending on the current power, volume, or temperature. And finally, the top and side ambient lights can even be controlled separately, allowing you to dial in exactly how you want your dazzling lights to be.

Bigger screen for brighter sheen

A larger screen allows you to more easily enjoy stunning visuals. Let your eyes feast upon an upgraded 5.99 inch, 1080*2160 FHD+ 18:9 high-definition incell display.

Immense 9200mAh battery

The massive 9200mAh battery allows for a battery life up to 10 hours on the M17. It can be charged either through USB or through DC in from an external AC adapter.
• Battery capacity: 9200mAh | Charging time: 4.5hours | Charging protocols: QC4.0+PD
• Battery life: 10 hours (single-ended), 8 hours (balanced)

In order to achieve a more comfortable pressing feeling of the buttons and a better match with the leather case, FiiO has developed a rubber pad made by a special mold for the M17's leather case. It's self-adhesive, reusable, and helps make the M17's buttons easier to press when used in its leather case, as it fills the gap between the buttons and the case. You can buy it HERE


FiiO logo

About FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

01 Brand Introduction - HiFi+Fashion

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007.  It is a high-tech enterprise that combines research, development, production and sales, and its sales are mainly based on its own FiiO brand as opposed to OEM/ODM.  It focuses on digital audio, with current mainstay products being portable headphone amplifiers, DAC / amps and portable digital audio players.

FiiO: It is composed of Fi (Fidelity) from HiFi and iO (represents number 1 and 0) which indicates the sincerer feeling and more convenient life the digital tech has brought to us.

飞傲: The Chinese transliteration of FiiO, as well as representing youthful vigor and the active & innovative spirit of the company.

Audio products are meant to fulfill the spiritual pleasure of users.

  1. FiiO provides products and service related to music.
  2. We also hope to bring happiness to our users with the provided products and service, which is also the key value of FiiO.

Customer Service

  1. Good after-sales service, more reliable
  2. Great user experience, more pleasure
  3. Variety of activities, more involved

About products

  1. Affordable: FiiO products are well-known for its feature of high cost-performance. Lowering the entry level to make more customers can afford.
  2. Easy to use: FiiO pays great attention to the user experience. We are not only provide products with high quality, but also easy to use and with long lasting durability.
  3. More accessories bring more fun: Enable to play in a variety way and use under more possible environments.
  4. Updates available: Equipped with a variety of ports, it makes the music players can still connect to external amp/DAC for upgraded enjoyment.
  5. Endless transformability available: With replaceable amp module and expandable storage, the X7 can bring more playability.

02 Company Profile

Research & Development Team

  • Twenty years of R&D experience in audio products
  • Former core R&D team for audio products from OPPO
  • A team of 20 professional R&D engineers in software, hardware, industrial design, structure and electro-acoustic.

Research & Development Investment

FiiO keeps bringing in advanced equipments and high-tech talents so as to ensure the stable growth and long term competitive edge. Up till now, the team size has expanded three times than that of 2007 when we established.

Team Composition

The R&D team is made up of development dep, engineering dep and QC dep, with 60+engineers in total.

Authorized certifications

FC, CE, KC, CCC and ISO9001:2008 ensure the safety and quality of the products.

Production management

FiiO has strict requirements to production with almost “zero tolerance” even to small problems, which is strictly in compliance with the International Quality Management System ISO9001. 

QC Equipment 

  • a. AP audio analyzer (valued at 200,000RMB).
  • b. Life-span test platform against high & low temperature, swing and plug & unplug trial.
  • Aging test carriage towards mass production.
  • Aging test machine under high & low temperature.

Customer oriented

Driven by customers’ needs, we innovate constantly and response promptly to the market changes. We develop new products based on customers’ needs and compete for more market shares.

Company culture - Our Vision

Present the world a better “Made in China”.

Brand Spirit

  • Innovation

the earliest company that designed the minimum volume headphone amplifier. First dockable amp & DAC product. First amp specially designed for iPod/iPhone. First amp with adjustable power supply and power supplied by mobile phone battery. First multifunctional headphone amp & DAC for Android smarphone. First Hi-Res music player at a price lower than 1000RMB supporting 192K music. First Android-based Hi-res music player. 

  • Quality

Repair Rate < 1%. Sound Quality Control system. Original components imported from TI, Wolfson, Maxim. Company-wide quality control. +20 quality engineers and inspectors. Complete testing facilities. 

  • Service

CEO at the frontline of customer service. 100% response to enquiries. The most popular headphone amplifier brand on Head-Fi. First class website and contents in the audio industry. Interaction with and support to customers on Facebook and Microblog (twitter-like social website).

Brand Mission

FiiO designs, produces and sells high-quality products at favorable prices to those who love music and style.

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FIIO M17 Digital Audio Player DAP 2x ES9038Pro THX-AAA 788 Balanced

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Fiio non delude mai!!!

Che dire... soddisfatto sotto ogni punto di vista. certo non è secondo me un'apparecchio da portare in giro, per il suo peso e grandezza, ma la bella senzzazione di ascoltarlo sul divano di casa con la tua musica preferita e una goduria!!!!Grazie anche Play Stereo per il servizio tempestivo e puntualissimo nella consegna e la informazione riguardo al prodotto!!!!

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Il dispositivo "trasportabile"

È sicuramente un oggetto ben costruito, arriva nella sua cover in pelle con un inserto accattivante sul retro che pare esser fatto di alluminio.
Però è un oggetto che dovrebbe fare parte di una categoria a parte. Perché non è un "dap", cioè non so che pantaloni voi indossiate ma è grosso e pesante quasi come un mattone. In una versione 2022 di cluedo potrebbe tranquillamente essere incluso tra le potenziali armi del delitto.
Ha tutte le entrate del mondo. Android ultima versione. Se attaccato alla corrente vi permette di sbloccare la modalità "segreta" in grado di pilotare susvara e compagnia bella. Ovviamente muore il senso della portabilità e soprattutto gli audiofili veri compreranno dispositivi a parte perché la corrente nel mondo dell'audio ha un modo tutto suo di essere trasportata.
Al 2 giorno di utilizzo mi ha dato un errore di sistema e ho dovuto resettare alle impostazioni di fabbrica. Da allora niente più magagne.
Se non lo usate con un cavo bilanciato per me non ha molto senso. Soprattutto con planari "esigenti". Io sto usando una meze elite. Non dovrei avvertire differenze ma sul lungo diciamo due orette mi rendo conto che in bilanciato il suono è più aperto e ha più autorità. Al momento sono in possesso di k9 pro e m11 pro ess. Dovrò decidere cosa tenere. Nonostante il prezzo proibitivo questo ha le quotazioni maggiori. Per info più dettagliate soprattutto per la pilotabilità delle cuffie guardate online. Io non andrei mai in spiaggia o su un aereo con m17 + susvara... Ma.. Il mondo è bello perché vario... O in spiaggia! 7k di setup in mezzo a bambini grassi e urlanti
Prevedibilmente vicino a una Moglia grassa e urlante che vi dice "ma almeno in spiaggia potresti staccarti da quel coso" Ahahahah! E in ipotetici viaggi di lavoro, a millemila km da chiunque mi conosca, non passerei le mie serate in albergo con l'm17 ma mi farei mandare la putt**n* più grossa della città in stanza o andrei direttamente nel night più blasonato. Perché se avete quasi 10k di setup PORTATILE e siete in viaggio di lavoro il vostro senso etico sarà statisticamente diverso dal mio. Quindi staccatevi da ste cuffie. Per il resto

Lo schermo è super definito. Si scalda se in modalità dc e la ventolina in dotazione potrebbe tornare utile. I comandi.
Mew.. Bisogna settarli sapientemente soprattutto con cover inserita. Playstereo come al solito uber alles

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FiiO M17

Lettore semplicemente fantastico. Ha praticamente tutto ed è seguito molto attentamente dalla casa madre per lo sviluppo. Quasi sicuramente in futuro sarà anche Roon Ready. In ogni caso funziona in maniera perfetta sia in modalità Android che in modalità DAC puro. Con la possibilità dell'enhanced over ear mode collegandolo ad apposito alimentatore fornito in confezione, diventa praticamente un sistema desktop in grado di fornire il giusto apporto anche a cuffie molto esigenti con più di 3W (sembra addirittura 4W) a 32 ohm in modalità bilanciata. Prestazioni da top di gamma. Non è propriamente un dispositivo portatile per via delle sue dimensioni, ma in un borsello o in un'ampia tasca può essere trasportato. Qualità musicali eccelse, supportato da due ess9038 pro ed ottimo amplificatore thx, fornisce il giusto apporto all'intero range. Praticamente l'unica cosa che non fa è il caffè. Estremamente consigliato.

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