The new range of Acoustic Revive cables equipped with PC-TripleC new conductor and FINEMET beads.

a bit of history...
Some months ago, Acoustic Revive informed us that Acoustic Revive was going to release in a couple of months upgraded Audio(and visual) cables equipped with a newly developed epoch-making conductor "PC-CCC" (PC-Triple C).

PC-CCC(Pure Copper-Continuous Crystal Construction) was developed by Japanese craftsman works as a successor of PC-OCC which dominated in the audio industry for many years.

PC-CCC is now causing a sensation on several medias in Japan as a the savior of the audio industry:

infact, some time after...
"As we informed you, Acoustic Revive PCOCC-A cables will be replaced by PC-TripleC conductor gradually from May onward. The attached information sheet is a copy of a panel to be used at Munich High-End Show in May".

"This is really a superior conductor that is possible to produce only by Japanese traditional forging process".

further information..
Apart from the new epch-making conductor "PC-TripleC", the new cables are equipped with a new material "FINEMET Beads" which perfectly cancels the noise on transmission:

By these two synergistic effects, the new cables make a wonderful improvement of the sound quality as if the audio system was changed, realizing a super high S/N ratio and a dramatic improvement in sound quality without sacrificing any sound and musical elements of the master sound source.

Please come to the Munich High-End Show 2014 and experience such a sound at our booth No. C-08 on Hall-2.

The Acoustic Revive booth, fully supported and tuned by Acoustic Revive was actually selected by High-Fidelity (Poland) as the best sounding room of the show at the top of the page:

A/Revive also received a same comment from many of overseas customers who visited the show.

We recently attended to a demonstration of Acoustic Revive new cables ("PC-Triple C" conductor + FINEMET beads) made by Mr. Ken Ishiguro at a famous hi-fi store in Osaka.

A basic audio system at the store demo room was consisting of flag-ship amplifiers and CD players of Esoteric with the world's famous expensive cables.

Mr. Ken firstly replaced interconnect cable between a CD player and a preamplifier by the new PC-TripleC cable, and all visitors(including us) were surprised by a dramatic improvement of the sound quality and 3-dementional effect. S/N ratio was so much improved, a height, width and depth of the sound stage expanded drastically.

Then, Mr. Ken replaced again the interconnect cable by the basic famous cable, and all people there were actually realized a huge degrade of the sound by using such a world's famous expensive cable.

It was the first experience for us to actually realize such a drastic improvement just by replacing one interconnect cable, and we got a confidence that this new cable is an epoch-making version in recent audio industry.

We hope you will have a chance to listen to the new cables very soon.

last episode.
On a Japanese hi-fi magazine called "Cable Encyclopedia", 14 Japanese audio journalists selected their best cables 2015(3 cables per person).

To our surprise, all of 14 journalists selected Acoustic Revive new cable as one of their best cables.

Please read below a translation of their comments.

You can see how A/Revive new cables made an extraordinary performance which all people were surprised.

Hope you also like A/Revive new cables.

2015 best audio cables recommended by 14 Japanese major audio journalists

Mr. A
Acoustic Revive, a leader of Japanese audio accessory manufacturer, recently released products incorporating the revolutionary new conductor "PC-TripleC".
The sound is so neutral and super high-grade that the conventional thinking about cables has been completely changed.

Mr. B
Acoustic Revive XLR-1.0tripleC-FM is a peerless interconnect cable. Its amount of information and accuracy, reproduction of power throughout the frequency range are remarkable, but the reproduced sound has no exaggeration - like there is no cable at all.

Mr. C
Extraordinary resolution and soundstage of PC-TripleC conductor gave a far superior sound, as if the audio system had been completely changed.

Mr. D
This is high-level sound which I never experienced in the past, the best balance, high precision, free of defects, no distortion, no noise, reproduction of tiny sound detail which was not audible before. This cable is surely the best in the world at the moment.

Mr. E
An accurate sound without any coloring, plus super high S/N ratio and an abundance of information.

Mr. F
Acoustic Revive new conductor cable which draws-out music extremely scrupulously on a very wide sound stage

Mr. G
XLR-1.0tripleC-FM is equipped with a common mode/normal mode noise suppressor using FINEMET beads and the newly developed forged copper PC-TripleC conductor. This is a cable prominent in all performances, sound quality and structure.

Mr. H
My role/mission is to recommend a product of high value in terms of "Cost vs Performance, however, I have no choice this time but to recommend the Acoustic Revive RCA-1.0tripleC-FM after experiencing such an extraordinary high grade sound.
From tests in my familiar audio system, I heard a quite different grade of the sound. This cable will reign as a reference for a long period of time.

Mr. I
I prefer to recommend a very unique product which does not seem to be recommended by anybody else, however, RCA-1.0tripleC-FM is an extraordinary product and I can not bypass it by any means. This cable exceeds the performance of conventional cables in all respect.

 Mr. J
According to my experience in recording/mastering works, the following elements are vital in interconnect cables: A direct signal transmission without adding any color, a perfect shilding to avoid influence of electromagnetic wave, Outstanding space reproduction ( to reproduce an accurate sound stage and harmonic overtone of voice and instruments). Only XLR-1.0tripleC-FM satisfies these matters.

Mr. K
Ultimate super low noise, Overwhelming transparency and penetration, power and speed, on the heels of a live sound !

Mr. L
Acoustic Revive cables have a ground breaking performance which I had never before experienced even with the highest grade cables of 3000 - 5000 US$

Mr. M
The synergistic effect of the oval solid-core PC-TripleC and FINMET beads achieved an extraordinary high S/N ratio, wide and flat response, high resolution and rare transparency.

Mr. N
The synergistic effect of the oval solid-core PC-TripleC and FINEMET beads achieved an extremely fresh sound. It is quite a rare thing to achieve such a drastic improvement of the sound quality just by changing an interconnect cable.

Per informazioni: Gerardo Ventura - Audio Azimuth Via Caravaggio 209 Pescara - 085-4718079 - info@audioazimuth.i

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