Roma hi fidelity 2018

Roma hi fidelity 2018

See you in Rome at the Roma hi-fidelity on November 24-25th 2018, to let you listen the "right" products for home music reproduction. There will be:

- Living Voice OBX-RW3 Loudspeakers

- Euphya Alliance 280 Integrated Amplifier

- Metrum Acoustics Pavane Level 3 Non-oversampling DAC

- Aurorasound VIDA Supreme Phono Preamplifier

- Viv Laboratory and Audio Origami Tonearms

- HANA and Murasakino MC Cartridges

- HiFiMAN Sundara, Ananda, HE1000se, HE6se, Susvara, Arya, HE5se Headphones

- FiiO (all new products) Portable Players, USB DACs, Earphones - Take with you a FiiO Player or Earphone, and you are going to receive free a useful accessory!

- Tellurium Q Cables

- Acoustic Revive Cables/Accessories

- [Special Guest] Quintessence Audio 3D ATLANTE "Da Vinci", 3D sound holograms modulators

...and also Violectric Headphone Amps, Quadraspire rack-stand, and more (work in progress).

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  • Randall Pena

    Randall Pena 07/31/2023

  • Randall Pena

    Randall Pena 07/31/2023

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