Quadraspire Q60 Speaker Stands Pair

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Never afraid to explore alternative approaches to equipment support, Quadraspire's Q6014/Q6018 speaker stands are certainly different in appearance. The key to the design is its low mass, despite which it still enables an astounding and unrestricted performance from your speakers.

The Q60s are made from MDF wooden panels, instead of the usual metal construction. The lightweight design gives a warm and well-defined midrange and easily separates instruments and vocals.

It maintains excellent timing and is ideal if you are looking to control low frequencies or an imbalance in your current set-up.

Our design principles of curves with non ferrous metals have gone in to develop the Q6014 speaker stand. A MDF or bamboo centre column in the case of the bamboo model, please see the appropriate product page) firmly joined to a solid base and top plate offer a very natural and open sound. Gentle curves and a laid back stance make it very easy for close wall proximity. For speakers with a larger footprint the Q6018 will offer better stability. 


  • Speaker stands 60cm (24”) tall, available in Black finish - Anthracite (for the Bamboo model please see the Q60 Bamboo page).
  • Speaker stands supplied with 140mm (5.5”) wide (Q6014) top plate, optional 180mm (7”) wide plate available as an extra (optional, Q6018)
  • Speaker stands supplied with choice of spikes and bump-on feet.


Model Q6014 Bamboo

  • Top plate: 14cm x 20cm
  • Bottom Plate: max width 28,5cm - min width 19cm.
  • Depth max bottom plate: 25,5cm
  • Height: 60,5cm. spikes included

Model Q6018 Bamboo

  • Top plate: 18cm ( larghezza) x 22,5cm (profondità)
  • Bottom Plate: max width 28,5cm. - min.width 19cm.
  • Depth max bottom plate 25,5cm
  • Height: 60,5cm.

Quadraspire at a glance

Hi-Fi Choice 2010Welcome to Quadraspire, the contemporary furniture manufacturer based in Bath, England. Since 1995, we have been designing & manufacturing Hi-Fi furniture blending functionality & style with acoustic performance. 

Quadraspire produces an extensive range of modular performance Hifi Stands and TV Stands, in both wood and glass, to enhance your sound system both sonically and visually. 

Quadraspire launched its first product, the modular Q4 Hi-Fi table in 1995. Our ever evolving range has been critically acclaimed not only for its style and function but for its acoustic performance, in particular the new Q4 reference table.

Hi-Fi Choice 2010Quadraspire audio furniture really will make your audio systems sound better, and not just a little - but a lot better! Here is a typical reviewer’s comment:

"The Q4 provided a very neutral sound. Unlike many supports, the Q4 seemed to emphasize no part of the frequency spectrum unduly. Bass was full-blooded and articulate, the midrange clear and balanced, while treble information was projected cleanly in an orderly fashion." 
Best Buy, Hi-Fi Choice.

Quadraspire uses toughened glass and real wood veneers that are unique in beauty and therefore individual in grain and colour. The Quadraspire design approach is an innovative fusion of function and performance in a distinctive style. With its stylish, contemporary design and choice of rich real wood veneers, Quadraspire equipment racks are truly beautiful furniture which actually enhance the look of any nice room. Chamfered shelves make the stands look smaller and lighter than they really are. Moreover, Quadraspire equipment looks much better in the flesh than in the photos. But  don’t to take our word for it. Contact your dealer. 

Hi-Fi Choice 2010One of the beauties of Quadraspire designs is that you can add shelves to an existing rack as your system expands, as is the the case with the best selling Quadraspire Q4 Evo. Assembly is extremely fast and easy, a rack can be assembled in ten minutes! Because of the modular design you can order an additional shelf, with any height column, at any time.

In addition Quadraspire also produces a line of modular cabinets Hifi, CD & LP storage.

On this website you can build a Hifi or TV stand to your specification using Product Builder

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Quadraspire Q60 Speaker Stands Pair

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Quadraspire Q60 Coppia Stand per Diffusori

Acquistati Gennaio 2020 per reggere casse da stand di 10 kg, leggeri ma stabili, forniti di punte filettatura M6 che si possono sostituire con rotelle con analoga filettatura (come ho fatto). Stessa cosa ai 4 angoli del top plane, buco con filettatura M6, puoi avvitare rialzi smorzanti con caratteristiche analoghe di perno filettato. Altezza senza punte circa 60 cm, belli da vedere, inclinati, base sagomata, Consigliati, in duro legno MDF. Bravo Gerardo.

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