HANNL Solutions Micro Module Professional Vinyl Cleaner Machine


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The new Micro Module Vinyl Cleaner is an updated model of the great Professional HANNL System, bettered in many ways:

1. not so loud (56dB).
2. after 5 turns this model switch the direction automatically. 
3. only one big knob.
4. better speed for rotation brush, slower. cleaning fluid remains on the disk.

Micro Module Vinyl Cleaner is a LP cleaning machine with both standard and rolling brushes.

The best combination of design and technology!

Precious sound recording media are cleaned perfectly. The established suction cleaning system has been re-enginered and it has the same cleaning efficiency of the top-of-the-line Aragon model. A high power turbine withdraws dirt at approx 58db.

- A large 65 mm button for operating the device.
- Main switch on the rear panel.
- OFF Position, Device turned off.
- ON Position, Device is ready.
- PLATE Position, Plate runs on fixed speed with automatic direction of rotation. Double brush head or round brush on a fix mounted foot.
- Manual wetting of the plate by apply-bottles (included). 2-3 seconds for this operation!)
- VACUUM Position, Plate runs with reduced rotation speed, automatic switch of rotation direction after 1 ¼ turn, the suction turbine starts and vacuums the plate off softly and gently.
- In the PLATE Position you’ve got the option to scrub a plate with a double brush head or a round brush for a longer period of time. Due to the reduced rotation speed the detergent stays on the plate and won`t be pushed off the plate by centrifugal force. The automatic change of rotation direction allows cleaning the plate without having to stand. The plate will be cleaned until you cancel the cleaning and vacuum the loosened dirt.

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HANNL Solutions Micro Module Professional Vinyl Cleaner Machine

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