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Brand: Cowon


View Live Video and Touch - Just as easy as that

COWON Presents High-definition Full Touch LCD Black Box


Full Touch LCD with Wide Viewing Angle Simplifies Operations - Adjust Your settings to View Live Video

Easy to view and check

Auto Capsule AE1 employs Samsung's 2.8 inch wide viewing angle LCD, which has an open view of the car's front, to display vivid live video. In the event of an accident, you can immediately view video recorded in sharp True HD quality with LCD. The On Screen Display (OSD) shows information on video or battery voltage level. 

*On Screen Display: Recording mode / Recording time / Vehicle battery voltage / GPS connection / Sound recording

Convenient settings through Full Touch LCD

Be free from the hassle of having to connect to you PC to other devices to adjust your settings. Using Full Touch LCD, you can easily change settings of AE1 for your preference and operate the product with simple touches on the screen. This high-quality LCD provides not only a delightful user experience but also solid durability and stability for you. 

Simple Card Memory 

Keeping memory cards in good condition such as regular formatting is an important factor for the product to function correctly. AE1 supports simple memory card management functions including reserved formatting and self diagnosis of a memory card. You can also adjust the settings of the function.  Memory cards need not be removed from the product for formatting. 

Modern Digital Clock Screensaver

Modern digital clock with ana appealing design allows you to check time early, even while driving. When screensaver feature is switched on, the digital clock automatically appears one minute later. 

*Screensaver operates only when "Always ON" option of LCD screen is active in Setting menu. 

DAY - Sharp video recording in High resolution True HD

1280x720 true HD, Max 30 Frames

Auto Capsule AE1 records True HD images of license plates, objects, events or accidents in front of your car with high resolution. Recorded at a maximum of 30 frames per second, videos are seamless and feature a stable viewing angle of 120 degrees with no distortion at all. 

NIGHT - high-Quality Video at Night

2Mega-pixels CMOS Image Sensor Camera

To deliver premium images, Auto Capsule AE1 is equipped with high quality lens and CMOS image sensor camera. With its contrast ratio, it provides a clear, high-quality video even in low light environments. AE1 is also features rapid recording and relatively low heat generation by consuming low power. 

Must-Have Premium Brand

Today's black boxes are all about video. COWON, a trailblazer in the digital video technology and device markets leads the portable media player (PMP) market and ranks first in customer satisfaction. Countless prizes awarded over the years accurately reflect COWON's reliability and products' excellence. COWON provides speedy and continuous after sales services, too. You can count on COWON. 

Refined Minimalism Design

Inspired by a classic camera that dos not easy change with the passage of time, the classy CWOWN AE1 design fits perfectly into the interior of stylish cars. The elegant, eye-pleasing design boots COWON AE1's popularity while optimising functionality with its delicate mechanical design and finishing touches. Vent holes on the top and bottom help maintain stable operational temperatures. recording button on the left is highlighted in orange to enhance consumer's intuitive use of the button. AE1's quality is raised another notch by coating the handle of the included device holder with urethane for a more secure grip. 

View from a Wider Angle - 16:9 Wide View

Cono AE1 presents a viewing angle of 16:9 that eliminates blind corners while delivering images with minimal edge and perspective distortion.

Multiple Recording Modes

  • Driving Recording: After starting your engine, Auto Capsule AE1 automatically initiates driving recording. The "Optimal Algorithm" ensures continuous recording when the memory card is fully, by deleting the oldest recorded file first. 
  • Parking Recording: COWON AE! secures your car all the time even when it is parked. It is easy configured to suit your needs: Intelligent recording mode that automatically starts recording when motions are detected in front of a car or consecutive recording mode. With the built-in uninterruptible power, it is easy to activate the parking recording by simply connecting the uninterruptible power cable.
  • Event (shock) Recording: Based on the high-sensitivity shock detection sensor, even the slightest shock on your car causes Auto Capsule AE1 to begin recording event videos. When shock is detected during driving or parking recording, it automatically switches to event recording mode, enabling you to check on the situation early. 

Resistant to Impact

The CPU Undersell method protects Auto Capsule AE1 against physical shock and exposure to chemicals or heat. Electrical migration caused by dust or moisture is prevented by completely filling chips with insulation resin. This process enhance the quality and durability of AE1. It is also structurally designed to be resistant to shock, and its mechanical stability has been confirmed by drop tests. 

Safe with Temperature Detection Sensor 

Auto Capsule AE1 features protection from high temperature to prevent failure or malfunction under high temperature, especially the summer season. When the interior temperature of a car rises above a preset level, the temperature detection sensor allows AE1 to continue recording but turns the LCD off for protection. When the car interior's temperature continues to rise, power is automatically turned off to protect the black box. 

Even a Minor Collision is Recorded

Equipped with a 3-Axis accelerometer sensor that automatically detects a car's acceleration, sudden banking and shock, the AE1 initiates event recording when a shock occurs to a car. The acceleration graph on the PC Manager allows you to check information on event recordings.

Multiple Convenient Functions

Buil-in Uninterruptible Power Equipment: to protect vehicle battery battery and facilitate parking recording, AE1 is outfitted with uninterruptible power equipment, which comes with an option. Simply connect the Uninterruptible Power Cable o AE1. 

*Uninterruptible Power Cord (COWON UP3) may be purchased separately. 

Vehicle Battery protection: When battery voltage of a car falls below the preset voltage level, power of AE1 is shut down to protect the battery. This feature allows youth use AE1 without feat of battery discharge during packing. 

Equipped with Auto Shutdown Timer under Parking Recording: It operates only during parking recording. Simply set the time when parking recording would start, and when the preset time is up, power for AE1 is shut down. This timer is useful for recording only during preset time to save remaining battery. 

Voice Guide and LED Status Indicator: Voice Guide and LED Status Indicator are another valuable functions for users. Voice Guide kindly tells you recording mode and memory card status by human voice. The highly functional LED status indicator shows you an operational status od AE1 in three colours. The LED light indicating that a recording is being processed warns would-be thieves and vandals to give up their trials. 

Evidence Made Even More Solid - High Quality microphone

If the event of an accident, voice and sound recording offers indisputable evidence. Sound recording can be deactivated early with a simple touch. 

Extended Recording - Up to 32GB MicroSD Card Support

AE1 supports memory cards up to 32GB for long-distance travel or recording for extended periods. 

Location and Speed Information Also Available - External GPS Module

The highly sensitive GPS module records vehicle's speed and location information, which can be checked on the pC manager. 

*It can be purchased separately.

DESIGN - Stylish Black Box

Designers of COWON AE1 have created the look of an hand-made premium film camera. The detailed finish and smooth lines look great with the interior décor of every car. Classic black and mystic colours satisfy the sophisticated tastes of urban car drivers. 

Simple and intuitive GUI

Screen of COWON AE1 features a simple GUI that harmonies with the sophisticated and minimal design. Every screen displays intuitive icons for operating and the easy-to-understand user interface allows monitoring while driving. 

Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 78.5 x 16.8 x 55.1 mm
  • Weight: 82g
  • Color: Black
  • Package components: Auto Capsule AE1, Product Holder, Cigar Jack, MicroSD Cars, MicroSD Card Reader, Manual & PC Viewer CD, Quick Guide, Double-coated Tape.

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Cowon Autocapsule AE1 16Gb - Black

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