Albarry M1108 Mono-Bloc Power Amplifiers

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Our new flagship M1108 power amplifiers have now been released and have quickly gained critical acclaim for their outstanding dynamics and effortless handling of the most complex music. Those who have auditioned and purchase the M1108's, commonly describe the performance as 'sounding more like a valve amplifier than a valve amplifier'. Developed from the successful M608 mono-block power amplifiers, the M1108 deliver an increased dynamic range and a greater sound stage for those with larger listening rooms or systems which require a higher output to drive the speaker system. As with the M608's, the new M1108's deliver a subjectively far higher sound level than the output power ratings would suggest and are capable of driving the most difficult speaker loads.

Like the M608's, overall design concept, careful selection of the precision components which are used throughout the amplifiers, contribute to the amplifiers outstanding performance.

Hand built and engineered within Albarry's own unique heatsink style case, the M1108's are finished with the distinctive Red 4401 acrylic fascias and upper/lower slides.


Output: 110Watts into 8 Ohms (20.5dBW)
Frequency response: 2Hz-110 KHz
Damping factor: greater than 500
Input impedance: 5K1 Ohms
Input sensitivity: 725mV 0dB
S/Noise: better than 113dB ‘A’ weighted 2/3s power / Output stage safety thermal cut-out at 80ºc / Peak current and overload monitoring by I/R opto-coupled circuitry
Dimensions: H140mm W158mm D265mm
"S2" 2015 Revision

Weight: 14Kg (per pair)

Albarry Music at a glance

Albarry - the legend returns.

Established for almost 30 years, Albarry's origins were built on musicality, engineering quality, together with unusual styling which make it a unique product range.

Many of you will remember with affection the legendary Albarry mono block power-amps from back in the 80's. Renowned for their wonderful sound quality and utter reliability, they were sorely missed when the manufacturer decided to take an extended sabbatical. Fear not, the newly introduced M1108 mono block amps build on the quality of the previous model, whilst providing a minimum of 110 watts into 8 ohms.

These amps are now on demonstration and have been well received by all who have had the chance to audition. They are dynamic, tactile, solid and completely fatigue free and appear unstoppable into even difficult speakers. They are truly superb and will soon be joined by a pre, passive pre and phono stage.

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Albarry M1108 Mono-Bloc Power Amplifiers

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