Foundation Designer mkII Speaker Stand Pair

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Foundation Designer mkII Speaker Stands, pair, from Foundatin Audio Ltd.

Production of Foundation Designer II stands is directly derived from the original English design for used materials, weight, dimensions, finish, included the special multicomponent sealed filler inside.

There are no holes, because these astonishing stands come already filled with...Foundation's secret formula. We don't know what's inside, but striking it is like hitting an SUV loaded with tombstones.

The finish is a matte black that leaves the spotlight on the speakers themselves. The included spikes are adjustable from the top. The speaker can be secured to the stand with a material such as the Blu-tack (included).

The stands are 61 cm (24 inches) high. Incredibly good sonic results with any LS3/5a loudspeaker.


Height cm.61
Top plate: cm.18.70 x 16.20
Base plate: cm.23.50 x 21.10
Weight: Kg. 22.80
Finish: matt black.

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Foundation Designer mkII Speaker Stand Pair

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I migliori piedistalli

L'acquisto dei piedistalli foundation ha determinato un salto qualitativo notevole circa il suono delle Spendor Ls 3/5a, la differenza in meglio è talmente evidente che sto riascoltando tutti i dischi in vinile scoprendo particolari che non avevo mai sentito sopratutto in gamma bassa. Indispensabili per apprezzare i piccolini

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Foundation Designer mkII Coppia Stand per diffusori

Prodotto eccellente, veramente il meglio che si possa trovare per le LS 3/5.
Costruito e rifinito ai massimi livelli e soprattutto contribuisce magnificamente a far suonare ai massimi livelli le LS 3/5.
PlayStereo una garanzia, puntuali ed impeccabili.

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