Guizu WWT-3/5 Speaker Stands pair


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Brand: Guizu


Professional Series Series for LS-3/5A.
Use various size and geometrically shaped wooden frame for the construction of speaker aimed at eliminating harmful resonance due to accumulated mechanical resonance caused by improper design. This series integrates different physical properties of various materials in the design and make orderly modulation to the woofer’s frequency equilibrium degree.
Delivers a clear, wide and dynamic sound field.

Finish: natural walnut, metal counterpoise Size: W250×D230×H700 Top:190×160

These are audio speaker stands you can be proud to have in your home. Made from solid Walnut, and iron or marble, these pieces are beautifully constructed and of absolute first-rate quality. Sound was the principle consideration of every single aspect of these designs. These pieces were made by an audiophile for audiophiles. If you're serious about your sound and want stands that looks classy enough to put in your front room, then you want Noblesse. (pronounced no-bless).

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Guizu WWT-3/5 Speaker Stands pair

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