Apollo A2 Speaker Stands pair

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Apollo A2, simply the cheapest speaker stand on the market.

A simple two column design of tubular steel that can be sand or shot filled for extra mass. Stable low mass support. Supplied flat-packed with 6mm floor spikes and neoprene speaker pads.


A1/7 - 700mm
A1/6 - 600mm
A1/5 - 500mm
A1/4 - 400mm

Base plate : 230mm x 255mm
Top plate : 178mm x 178mm


We give your speakers our full support.

It is our firm belief that speaker supports should be seen and not heard. Its why we use heavy gauge steel supports and steel bases to increase rigidity and sability, it’s why ,as standard, you’ll get sound – absorbing pads to isolate your speakers from the stand and adjustable spikes to isolate your stand from the floor.

Our range of low medium and high mass speaker stands are of the very highest quality. Most can be sand or shot filled to vary mass loading. Why?

Because at Apollo, we know that no two speaker types are alike. It’s why we make so many stands. Take a look at our range. You won’t find a better choice anywhere else.


Apollo have been designing and building AV/Hi Fi Furniture and Speaker Stands here in our UK factory in the heart of the Black Country which is renowned for its engineering prowess since 1975. In the beginning we understood and realised that by lifting a speaker you lifted the quality of the sound.
We didn't stand still however,
We're constantly developing and refining our designs to provide some of the finest speaker stands, hi-fi and audio visual supports available anywhere in the world.
Take a look at our construction and you will see it is extremely sturdy. We use only the top quality steel and glass for our supports, our spikes, feet and pads fit securely with no unwanted movement. Unlike many of the other racks available Apollo offer you the flexibility of choosing as many shelves as you require with several height options so as your requirements may changes you can always add, subtract or change the leg sizes to meet your needs.
Apollo successfully combines the best of our technical expertise with exquisite good looks. And there is a range of six great finishes to choose from. All engineered to give you maximum performance and flexibility.
We are interested in listening to our customers requirements and we can custom build products from our range to suite most demands.
You can hear the difference whenever av/ hi-fi is placed on Apollo furniture. The sound is clear and unimpeded by vibration, and we are still developing and refining our designs today.
It's why Apollo products are now selling successfully worldwide. If you can't find them at your local dealers, please contact us and we'll send you the details.

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Apollo A2 Speaker Stands pair

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