Beresford TC-7240 Line Level Audio Router


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TC-7240 RCA/PHONO input/output selector

Many of us know of the problem: you got an extra set of audio equipment that you wish to use, but your ampifier does not have any more spare inputs. 

Alternatively, you might have a 2nd amplifier that is good for certain functions, but not for others. No doubt you can think of many more.
The TC-7240 has been designed for flexibility, and has quickly proven its usefulness in many situations.

An ordinary RCA/PHONO stereo selector can degrade your amplifier performance if the quality of the selector is inferior to the quality of the design of equipment you aer using it with.
Many people would like the flexibility and convenience of using different source equipment and amplifiers combination in their system. You can achieve this by connecting your source equipment to a multiple amplifier selector like the TC-7240.

Expanding audio inputs & outputs

This compact switcher box allows connection of up to four stereo sources, between two pieces of equipment. The inputs and and outputs can be selected via two rotary knobs on the front of the box.Ideal for multiple sound sources such as DVD, tuner, video player etc.Designed to provide distortion free audio to your audio amplifier or Home Theatre System.


Due to its passive design, with isolated left and right ground planes, it is also possible to use the TC-7240 in the  Two in - Four out configuration.

The TC-7240 delivers an unbeatable combination of performance and convenience The TC-7240 Audio Selector features high quality, precision - crafted, high-end RCA/PHONO connectors specially sourced from Japan for maximum reliability and durability,
The TC-7240 has a flat frequency response, so you'll enjoy fuller, more three dimensional music reproduction.
All the connections to the circuit board are completely wired with high purity OFC cable for the best possible sound.


  • Enables the connection of 4 RCA stereo audio sources or 1 stereo 3.5mm audio source to the stereo input between two amplifiersHeavy duty solid metal case.
  • Connections via high end gold plated RCA/phono sockets
  • Turntable Earthing connection
  • No External Power Required


  • Type - Audio Switch
  • Inputs - 4x (L+R RCA/Phono socket)
  • Inputs - 3.5mm stereo socket
  • Outputs - 2x (L+R RCA/Phono socket)
  • Power adaptor enclosed - Not required
  • Control - Manual
  • Housing - 1.2mm Galvanized Steel
  • Cables/adapters Included - No
  • Colour - Black
  • Dimensions - 240mm x 50mm x 140mm
  • Weight - 1.01Kg

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Beresford TC-7240 Line Level Audio Router

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Ottimo prodotto

Difficile trovare, in questo tipo di prodotto, qualcosa di valido. Beresford riesce pienamente nell'intento di realizzare un prodotto solido, esteticamente piacevole, ben funzionante e funzionale e a buon prezzo. La coppia TC-7240 e TC-7220MKIII mi ha permesso di usare (alternativamente) due amplificatori integrati (valvolare e stato solido) con un solo paio di casse e di poter selezionare quattro ingressi (giradischi, lettore CD, Volumio su Raspberry Pi, Alexa per il tramite di dispositivo bluetooth) con grande semplicità e senza perdere qualità del suono. Consigliato.

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Buonissima costruzione, ottime prestazioni

Il selettore è veramente ben costruito ed offre una trasparenza sonora assoluta (non aggiunge infatti alcun disturbo, abbassamento del volume o qualunque altro effetto indesiderato al segnale). Perfetto per utilizzare, alternativamente, un amplificatore integrato ed uno per cuffie.

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