Beresford TC-7210 Selector for Amplifiers / Speakers


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Combining amplifiers and speakers

The TC-7210 is an audio signal router that enables selection of the audio signal route between two amplifiers and one or two pair of speakers (alternatively).

The sources can be selected via two audio switches on the front of the TC-7210. Ideal for multiple audio sources such as Valve amplifiers, Integrated amplifiers, AV amplifiers.

Note: if you ask the same functions but you'd like to play at the same time the two pair of speakers, the right model to choose is the Beresford TC-7220 mkIII.

The TC-7210 is designed to provide a distortion free signal from your audio amplifier or Home Theatre System, to your speakers. 

Possible applications:

  • Select between two audio amplifiers and a single pair of speakers
  • Share one pair of speakers between two amplifiers

Product design

  • Professional equipment specification strong metal enclosure
  • High-End Audio connection terminals with a wider gap between socket for easier access during wiring up of the speaker cables
  • Dummy load resistors to guard against open load conditions on the amplifier outputs
  • High current handling selector switches
  • No external power required

Connection methods:

Speakers and amplifiers connection can be made via: 

 - Standard banana plug

 - Spade terminals

 - Bare wires

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Beresford TC-7210 Selector for Amplifiers / Speakers

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