Albarry MCA11 Moving Coil Amplifier


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MCA11 Moving Coil Amplifier

 The new MCA11 moving coil amplifier has been designed to offer the highest standard of audio reproduction from your moving coil  phono cartridge. Constructed and finished with Albarry's unique styling, the MCA11 perfectly compliments the AP11 pre-amplifier and the M608 or M1108 power amplifiers.

To minimise  the effects of supply noise which is normally present in mains derived power supplies,  the MCA11 operates using  a battery supply which is housed in it's own rear mounted  compartment.
An onboard battery monitoring circuit is incorporated to indicate  when the battery is past it's useful life and requires replacing or recharging.

Another feature of the MCA11 is the ability to change the input loading by means of onboard switching which is provided to suit the majority of cartridge makers recommended loads.

The MCA11 has quickly gained a reputation for it's ability to resolve the finest detail whilst giving a convincing and musical experience. 




- Battery: 9 volt PP3/6LF22 or equivalent
- Battery life: Dependant on type and usage cycles - Lithium typically 100-140 Hours - Alkaline typically 70-90 hours
- Monitoring System Current: Less than 100 μA
- Usable battery voltage range: 9v to 7.2v
- Gain: 30dB's
- Frequency response: 2Hz - 170KHz
- Output impedance: 500 Ohms
- Input loading: Internally switchable
- Standard range: 100 Ohms - 50 Ohms - 25 Ohms (Ex-factory set to 100 Ohms)
- Dimensions: L 175mm W 105mm H 65mm

Albarry Music at a glance

Albarry - the legend returns.

Established for almost 30 years, Albarry's origins were built on musicality, engineering quality, together with unusual styling which make it a unique product range.

Many of you will remember with affection the legendary Albarry mono block power-amps from back in the 80's. Renowned for their wonderful sound quality and utter reliability, they were sorely missed when the manufacturer decided to take an extended sabbatical. Fear not, the newly introduced M608 mono block amps build on the quality of the previous model, whilst providing a minimum of 60 watts into 8 ohms.

These amps are now on demonstration and have been well received by all who have had the chance to audition. They are dynamic, tactile, solid and completely fatigue free and appear unstoppable into even difficult speakers. They are truly superb and will soon be joined by a pre, passive pre and phono stage.

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Albarry MCA11 Moving Coil Amplifier

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