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RUARK R1 is the best Radio DAB+ in the world, the masterpiece defined as the "Bentley in the Radio world". It can reproduce a really high quality music, in HiFi level, from different sources. First of all it is a Radio FM, a Digital radio DAB+ and a wireless speaker Bluetooth

RUARK R1  is the best radio in the world. It combines intrinsic audio qualities with a timeless shapes and high quality finishes - closer to the perfection. The best summary defined for what is the perfect solution to furnishing and listening. The english producer defines its product as the emblem of the "serious small sound", that means the choice to focus on compact products, with an extraordinary sound.  

The whole Ruark range is easy to integrate with you domestic rooms and it doesn't leave space for anything, just for your ear and eyes satisfaction. 

Thanks to its equipments, Ruark R1 is the perfect audio solutions for every room and every age. Radio FM and Radio DAB+ for the companionship, Bluetooth to listen your favorite music from your smartphone or Tablet, and why not, also from PC or Mac.

The best connectivity. Thank to the auxiliary input on the back, you can easily connect the R1 with your domestic net through Amazon's Alexa, an Apple TV or a cast mod by Google. Whatever is your best app to listen to music, you can do it with the best quality with R1. The voice control and streaming are never been so easy and amazing. And if the accessories change in a very small time, the R1 will be the same for many years! The reason why the Ruark product has some Bluetooth auxiliary input is to can connect every tech-gadget, with no matter about the obsolescence or updating. R1 will always be in step with the times and always be connected with every streaming device!

Incredible Radio Quality.  The quality of the FM and DAB+ reception is without compromises. DAB+ is more diffused since 2019 even in Italy, and its covering is more or less complete. No one has ever seen a Radio so beautiful, with so many broadcasters! New stations, new possibilities! 

Also with R1 the voice, the sound and the music will be clear and natural as never before. The driver, the amplifier, the body of the R1 are in the best quality you can immagine, and the results is a listening relaxed, natural and without excess and rumbling. You will feel a real person in front of you. 

High quality materials. Ruark doesn't produce radio. It design very high quality Audio System. The material used are combined after decades of research in the HiFi speaker filed and the result is a complete and harmonious sound. No small speaker can go so far and no device of comparable size reaches this precision, this power and harmony. 

Plug and charge. R1 is designed with USB connector, that allows you to charge your devices. 

Do not disturb. R1 is designed with a pratical headphone out; you can listen to whatever you want, at the volume you prefer, without disturbing anyone. You can also connect a wireless headphone!

Just the best connection. Connect via Bluetooth from you smartphone or tablet, PC or Mac. The quality will be digital and wireless. The maximum in technology, just with a touch.

It's all under control. To turn on all the R1 function you can use the Rotodial command, fast and patented, to guarantee the best simplicity in use. 

Ruark R1 is the most award-winning radio in the world and has won, every year since its presentation, the prestigious award of Best All-In-One Radio from What Hi-Fi?, winning the comparison with each alternative and passing with flying colours every test to which it was subjected. 

Ruark as a galance

Ruark Audio has been developing high-quality audio systems for over 30 years. Initially know for producing speakers, it has been producing the finest range of compact radios and sound system for a decade. "Serious Small Audio". 

The noble material used to creare Ruark products, the minimalist and timeless design, the audio performance at the top of the market, the range of technologies used, make Ruark the No.1 brand all in one electronics for a fine palate audience. 

Ruark Audio is also the most known and popular brand from high-quality fashion magazines all over the world. You don't have to be an audiophile or to have your house full of wires to listen to an high-quality music! Ruark amazes both audio experts and every simple casual users. 

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Ruark R1 Mk3 Radio DAB+ Bluetooth Top

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