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Makes CDs sound analogue, DVDs show in full colors and sound, and absolute must for BLU-RAYs due to its data density.

Application is simple. Spray from bottle on disk surface and wipe off with included Evolon® cloth until dry.

Magic? No. Because even new disks are dirty and covered with MRA (Mould Release Agent) . So reading errors, so extra stress on your DAC, so digital artifacts and irritating sound. So simple. So big result. Your system become to sound more analogue. So strange... We still wonder.Try.

What is included:
100 ml natural spray bottle
Evolon® polishing cloth (washable and reusable)

Recommended also for cleaning purpose for: Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii.

Introduction to CLARMAX technology

We wash our faces in the morning, we clean our sunglasses but do not care of the source of music - disks. Spending a lot of money on cables and amps, DACs and tweaks. Listening. Spending again. I had a girl. She said one day: “Clean your disk, idiot”. She was blond.

Why do we have to clean disks?
Disks come dirty from the factory. With microscopic parts of oils and dust. This is true. There is no cleaning in production circle. And even new disks come covered with silicon-like grease called MRA (Mould Release Agent) that helps disk to come out easily from press.

It means that you used to listen and see only distorted version of artists’ work. Cleaner disk- beter optical resolution -better laser reading - less stress on DAC. Less irritating digital artifacts.

There are a lot of cleaning solutions on market. Mostly they make one mistake - try to condition polycarbonate data surface instead of superior cleaning.
That’s why - none or non-significant results. We clean and polish surface. With fantastic result. We call it CLARMAX. You will enjoy music and movies.

Evolon® polishing cloth.
We started with microfiber cloth. It was OK. Until we met blond. From Germany. Her name was Evolon®. White like paper. With much better polishing results.

Even better?
Some audiophiles with elephant-lend-ears have the following tweak that “makes sugar more sweet”:
Process CD with Disk Analoguer
Process CD with deionized water
Demagnetize CD with tape heads demag (a lot on ebay)
Process CD with Black Analoguer
Enjoy better sound.

[regarding the Black analoguer product] Why do we have to condition label side of disks?
Best explanations is written by John Roger from Ringmat:
“During play, a CD revolves at a very high speed in a closed and dry environment. At the same time, the drive motors and digital circuitry generate a lot of heat. These factors combined precipitate a gradual build-up of electrostatic fields. The static does not cover the CD evenly, but rather appears in the shape of low-voltage hot spots randomly spread over the disc's surface. The fields rapidly increase and intensify as the CD is played.

The digital circuitry inside a CD player reads the information captured on the disc via a laser beam. The information is stored in digital form as binary (effectively, a series of zeros and ones). It interprets these numbers and converts them into an analogue signal, which is then sent to the loudspeakers. When static builds up on the CD, it can interfere with the interpretation of the digital information. This means that, when the digital-to-analogue conversion takes place, an impaired signal is produced.

Essentially, therefore, the signal is suffering from distortion. Electrostatic build-up introduces continuous electrical vibration, resulting in phase changes. If strong enough, this vibration can cause the phase to shift 45o, 90o or even higher and could make the absolute phase appear inverted.

These phase anomalies can affect the timing of the music, with disastrous consequences on the quality of the reproduction. The timing of notes is crucial to the experience of music. To our ear, timing represents texture, dynamics and distance. It is the signature which musicians put on their music and which allows us to recognise a piece as being performed by them. During playback, certain knowledge of a piece of music leads to expectation of what comes next. If it is slightly out of time, our musical experience is compromised. An accurate, phase- coherent signal is therefore essential for musical enjoyment and appreciation of the performance.”

Chisto at a Glance

We live in Ukraine to drink vodka and listen to music. We used to do it for 1000 years. Vodka. Metallica. Tchaikovsky. Vodka. This is our way.By the way, Ukraine is not Russia. Russians do not agree. We do not know and still speak russian.

Some of us call ourselves not russians or ukrainians but "audiophiles". Usually guys who read a lot in internet.
I personally felt pity for that guys who cried how to make their system sound a billion dollar. Without investments. Without money. Without even believing in Jesus. Or Buddha. Or...
I was responsible for importing about three dozens of audio vendors and know what sound is and what not. So I developed this lotion with the help of some tech guys from another side of the world.
Main wonders were a) it works and b) it is not made of vodka.

I personally never believed it works. But those crazy guys tested and tested, called me and cried: "Vow… Vow.. Now I have a billion dollar system. CDs sound like vinyl".

One day I get bored of all this and said: "Well. I quit IT business and start producing this stuff".
This is the beginning of CHISTO story. The story of Disk Analoguer and Black Analoguer. And this is just a beginning...

Love you all,

Yuri Zamazeev

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Chisto Disk Analoguer Enhancer Kit for CD

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Ordinato per pura curiosita',devo dire che,aldila' di ogni spiegazione scientificamente plausibile,il liquido funziona.Riesce veramente a rendere il supporto digitale piu' dolce,meno aspro sugli acuti.

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