Icon Audio CD X2 Valve CD Player

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A CD Player With That Magical “Vinyl Sound” where warmth and dexterity are required.

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The Compact Disc is almost 40 years old! Aimed at both the upgrade and replacement market the CDX2 is a rugged reliable unit with excellent performance and “David Shaw sonic presentation” using a simple valve circuit. This makes it easy to listen to without the mechanical sounding fatigue that CD players can have.

The CDX2 uses the latest 192kHz 24bit upsampling technology for high resolution. But more than this we have paid attention to the all important output stage of the CD X2 in order to avoid the “mechanical” soul-less presentation that some Cd players have.

You can expect a more musical presentation with more warmth and colour, being very easy to listen to.

Seeking greater stability we decided to use a top loading mechanism to without the “slide out drawer” for improved rigidity. The heavier alloy clamp also acts as a flywheel to improve rotational stability.

Future service and reliability is important to at Icon Audio. We are aware that some CD players have been scrapped early due to lack of spare mechanisms. Therefore we will be keeping a good stock of spare mechanisms and lasers, being the most common part to fail.

 As each CD player is prepared to your order in our factory, we can offer a range of upgrades including, premium and “new old stock” valves, the superb Jensen Copper foil “oil in paper” capacitors.

Specifications and Features

  • Easily upgraded (valves, capacitors, resistors etc)
  • Latest 192kHz 24bit upsampling technology
  • Sanyo mechanism
  • Class A, all Triode output stage
  • Signal to noise level -105dB
  • Freq response better than 20hz-20kHz +0 – 5db
  • Distortion 0.005%
  • Dynamic range 110dB
  • Coaxial digital output
  • Valves 12AU7/ECC82
  • Japanese steel EI transformers with low oxygen copper
  • Audiophile components
  • No “surface mount” parts used
  • Solen Polypropylene audio capacitors
  • Jensen Copper foil caps option
  • Ceramic valve holders for minimum leakage
  • Gold plated RCA sockets
  • CD-R compatible
  • Output 2v (0db reference standard).
  • 220/240volts approx (adjustable to 115v)
  • Power Consumption: 70w
  • Comprehensive manual supplied
  • Spare mechanisms available at low cost.
  • Full instructions for valve change included
  • CE, ROHS, WEEE compliant where applicable
  • Size 41x35x12cm (Carton: 44x40x18)

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Icon Audio CD X2 Valve CD Player

A CD Player With That Magical “Vinyl Sound” where warmth and dexterity are required.

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