FiiO FH5 In-Ear Monitors + FiiO M7 Hi-Res Lossless Digital Audio Player Bluetooth - Bundle

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Two champions of sonic quality in their respective segments  do produce an exceptional final result of a natural and quality sound. Sound has life, breath, energy, it's wide, deep and finely refined. Listen to the system and enjoy your best sound experience!

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Fiio FH5 - Quad Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors

Exotic-inspired Acoustics Design - For an Unbelieveably Real soundscape

Titanium or Black Finish at your choice

Like today's most advanced exotic super cars, the chassis and body must be extremely solid to extract maximum performance. The FH5's patented TRISHELL structural design ensures that this is the case, with a 5-axis CNC machined aluminium-magnesium alloy real shell, body, and front covers fixed tightly together with multiple screws - greatly reducing excess resonance and distortion.

Exotic-inspired S.TURBO technology - For a burst of pure, raw lows

The FH5's low frequency sound tube adopts FiiO's patented S.TURBO acoustic structural design. With its specially designed turbine-inspired design that makes clever use the physics of sound waves, you get meaty, deep bass that is more than capable of letting you feel the music. S.TURBO also filters out unnecessary mid and high frequencies produced by the bass driver ensuring a more seamless transition between the lows and highs.

Exotic-inspired independent sound tubes - To ensure driver units are perfectly in harmony

Inspired by the twin turbos of today's exotic super cars, the FH5 allocates one sound tube each for the low, mid and high frequencies. These tubes have been designed to impeccably integrate with the 4 driver units, allowing for a wonderfully smooth transition between the three main regions of sound frequencies to maximise the driver's combined potential, bringing you a phenomenal symphony of music. 

Knowles Balanced Armature + Polymer nanocompsite ferromagnetic dynamic driver

The FH5 employs an hybrid driver design that combines the best of balanced armature and dynamic drivers for an absolutely addicting sound. Low frequencies are deftly handled by a 10mm polymer nano composite dynamic driver, providing bass extension and quality beyond what you think is normally possible. Mid frequencies are produced by the Knowles ED30262 balanced armature driver, while high and ultra-high frequencies are created by the Knowles dual driver TWFK-31082 (greatly improved over the 30017) - specifically tuned to squeeze every last bit of performance from them. These four drivers per ear are combine to provide thunderous lows, lush vocals, and sweet highs for a sound that you won't forget anytime soon. 

Learining from the past - Inspired by the streamliner era

When designing the FH5, we wanted a design that not only represented practicality but also would evoke an emotional response. We ended up taking insertion from the iconic designs of the exotic streamliner wehicles of the early 20th century that exactly represent this essence. The textured, sweeping lines across the body of the FH5 recall a time where humanity relentless pursued both beauty and functionality, just like the FH5 itself does. 

MMCX connectors give you more ways to play

The connectors on the FH5's cable make it easy as possible to connect to other devices, with its elbow plug; and to easily be changed, with the grippy MMCX connectors coloured blue and red to easily identify the left and right channels. 

A flexible sheath on the outside hides a robust core on the inside high-purity mono crystalline silver-plated copper wire

The high-purity mono crystalline silver-plated copper wire makes up the FH5's hybrid cable effective minimizes distortion and signal transmission loss for the best sound quality possible. These wires are braided together in environmentally-friendly, transparent TPU sheath that allows you to appreciate the craftsmanship involved in making the cable. 

*The FH5 comes with the 3.5mm single-ended cable LC-3.5B; other replacement cables can be purchased separately.

Precisely machined aluminium alloy shell for easier insertion into your ear

The shell of the FH5 is of aluminium alloy precisely machined with cmc technology, ensuring that it will continue to lister for years to come. The FH5's shell designed is also reminiscent of custom in-ears, which not only provides an extremely comfortable fit but also shines as a stylish accessory to wear. 

Secure fit around the ear means you can create your own slice of musical heaven anywhere

The crescent shape of the FH5 units are specifically designed to conform to the human ear and provide a snug, comfortable fit. The isolation this design provides allows you to focus on your music even if you are on a busy street or next to a raucous party.

Hi-Res Audio Certification

The FH5 has been certified by the Japan Audio Society to be "Hi-Res Audio" capable. This means that the FH5 is capable of a frequency response up to 40kHz, which can fully reproduce the audio and give you a natural and life-like listening experience that truly lets you listen to the music the way the artists wanted it to sound. 

No matter if you're a giant or just a normal person - Get the fit that's right for you

Not only can the cable be easily exchanged, the ear tips can be too. Included with the FH5 are three different sets of small, medium and large pairs of ear tips: one set for balanced sound, another set from enhanced bass response, and finally one for enhanced vocals. Also included are three pairs of foam ear tips in all medium. With the great variety of bundled ear tips, anybody can tailor that sound to what they want in absolute comfort. 

Fiio FH5 Specifications

Driver type1 dynamic and 3 BAs(knowles)
Frequency response15Hz ~ 40kHz
Sensitivity112 dB/mW
Impedance19 Ω
Plug3.5mm gold-plated L-shaped plug jack (CTIA standard)
Cord length1.2 m
Weight8 g (single earbud)
Wearing typeOver the Ear
Detachable cable design Yes (standard MMCX connector)
Max. input0

Let Our "Cores" Move Yours - High Resolution Lossless Audio Player

The FiiO M7 is the new Compact High Resolution Player based on Samsung Exynos 7270 SoC that includes an efficient aptX-HD Bluetooth, a great power efficiency and a long playtime, touch display, USB-C.

A Fully Modern Technological Core

The M7 is FiiO's first player to use Samsung's Exynos 7270 SoC (system on chip), made on the 14nm FinFET process. Compared to being made on the older 28 nm process, the Exynos 7270's two ARM Cortex A53 corse use 20% less power for greater power efficiency and better battery life. The Exynos 7270 is also made with Samsung's groundbreaking SiP-ePoP packaging technology - this allows the storage, power management, and memory chips to be all crammed with the ARM cores into a single tiny package 40% smaller than if the chips were packaged separately such as in existing technologies. This extra space allows for better cooling, and most importantly, a bigger battery to greatly improve play time. 

State-of-the-art6-layer multi-stage, Blind and Buried Via PCB technology

Because of the Exynos 7270's SiP-ePoP packaging technology, integrating it with the rest of the M7's printed circuit board (PCB) was a challenge but also allowed us to explore and implement new technologies. Thus, the M7 is the first digital audio player to contain a 6-layer multi-stage HDI (high density interconnect) PCB, the same kind that is used in the lasted smartphones. Being only 0.8mm thick, this allowed us to cram much more functionality into the body of the M7. Furthermore, we also employ blind and buried bias on the PCB, which allows the different components to work more closely in harmony as well as make the power supply section much more robust, guaranteeing  superior first-rate sound quality. 

DAC ESS Sabre 9018 for unsurpassed sound quality

Within the core of the M7 lies the Sabre 9018Q2C chip by ESS, an SoC that neatly combines a high-performance DAC and headphone amplifier into one tiny package. What separates this ESS chip from other commonly used combo audio chips are: 
(1) the 9018Q2C has two independent power supplies, one each for the digital and analog sections
(2) the internal headphone amplifier has its own independent dual power supply and 
(3) adjustable LPF (low-pass filter), which provides developers with more flexibility to make the product sound exactly the way they want.
All in all, the 9018Q2C saves space on the PCB, reduces power consumption compared to competing solutions, and all while delivering up to 49mW of output power at a THD+N of -100 dB.
* The 9018Q2C has a signal-to-noise ratio of -121 dB, THD+N of -115 dB, and support for up to 384kHz/32 bit PCM and 11.2 MHz DSD (DSD256) audio

The next step in audio: high fidelity wireless

The M7 utilises a Samsung Bluetooth 4.2 chip that supports the aptX-HD audio codec, allowing you to enjoy your music in high fidelity without the hassle of wires. In addition, the M7 also supports Sony's LDAC wireless audio codec, which compared to ordinary Bluetooth audio transmits 3x the data for an unparalleled, truly high-resolution audio experience. 

*Both the receiver and transmitter must support LDAC, aptX or aptX-HD in order to use these audio codecs. 

Want to rock out even more? How about some USB audio out?

To give you even more ways to jam out to your music, FiiO's software team toiled through countless days and nights to bring you USB audio digital output functionality on the M7, with support for various sampling rates and DSD output (including DSD128 support). With this, you can have the M7 act as a digital transport connected to an external divide for digital-to-analog decoding. We recommend pairing the FiiO Q5 with the M7 either through USB or to through Bluetooth for an excellent sound experience. 

*We currently only guarantee the FiiO Q1 Mark II and the Q5 as being totally stable when paired with the M7 through USB.

*This function requires the use of the FiiO CL06 USB Type-C to micro-USB adapter.

Incredibly low noise floor

Even in the most cacophonous chambers, bask in soothing silence. Go on, bring your noise detectors - the M7 will be waiting.

Discover a whole new world of FM radio

Within the M7lies a whole another world of FM radio! Unlike many other comparable players, the M7 contains a dedicated FM chips, the Si4705. This is a specialised DSP with excellent FM reception and is not very prone to interference that outputs a digital signal directly to the ESS 9018Q2C. In order to further boost radio signal reception strength, the FM chips uses your headphones as an antenna. FM frequencies covered is the board range of 76MHz - 108MHz, which is essentially all of the possible spectrums used around the world. 

*Please insert your headphones into the M7 to enable FM functionality. The M7 will automatically search for available stations the first time you do so. Actual FM stations and content will vary around the world. 

Why worry about charging with 40 days of standby time?

Lying within the M7 is an 1180aMh battery that, thanks to the Exynos 7270's advance 14nm fabrication process, allows the device to have a play time of 20 hours or more, or a standby time up to a whopping 40 days! In standby mode, you can instantly wake up the device so you can enjoy your music immediately whenever you want while still saving tons of power. 

Full touch screen operation in such an affordable device?

The M7 employs a 3.2-inch 480x800 display with image zooming support. When combined with dedicated play/pause and skip buttons as well as a real volume wheel, every action you want to do is just either a simple press or swipe away. The M7 also uses an innovate gesture system to get around a different menus - simply swipe from different parts of the bottom of the screen to go back and to return home. 

More storage in a time of more listening 

Some may say that only having 2GB of built-in storage doesn't make sense, and that a company shouldn't even bother giving users a paltry amount of storage. We at FiiO thought over wise - even only 2GB of storage may be useful to people who only store a small amount of music and don't bother with micro SD cards pr who just want ad much space as the can get for their music. So we worked tirelessly to ensure that users had access to this 2GB without affecting system fluidity or stability. Of course, if you want access to your huge library you can do that too - the M7 supports up to a single 512GB micro SD card for storage expansion. 

Small for for easy fitting

The M7 is tiny to be sure, but is a well-thought out and satisfyingly complete package. The new M7 is the successor to the much-loved M3, designed to cater to the needs of younger customers. We at FiiO spent a lot of time investigating what users actually wanted from their digital audio player, and finally came up with an exterior design that we think you will fall in love. Try resisting that sexy fully aluminium body and glass front!

No sweat with decoding

The M7 supports up to 192kHz/24 bit PCM audio. As for audio file formats, among the supported are APE/WAV/FLAC/WMA/OGG/AAC/ALAC/MP3 as well as numerous others. Just put your music file into the M7 and play it!

Can't faze this FPGA!

The M7 contains a specially-designed FPGA that adeptly handles the digital audio signal coming out of the Exynos 7270 SoC to the ESS 9018Q2C. Thanks to this FPGA, the M7 can support native DSD, up to DSD64 in DFF or DSF. And finally, the FPGA is also linked to the two crystal oscillators, so that music of any sampling rate is faithfully and accurately played back. 

Getting modern with USB Type-C

The M7 employs a USB Type-C connector for connectivity, enabling for more convenience (this symmetrical connectors allows for insertion in either direction) and for more functionality (charging, file transfers and USB Audio are all supported).

Handling signals coming in or out like a pro

The M7's standard 3.5mm headphone output supports CTIA standard in-line controls, which many headphones out on the market use - such as the FiiO F1, F3, F5, FH1, F9 and F9 PRO, which are all fully supported by the M7. And for even further convenience the M7 ale has a line-out function, which allows you to hook your device up to external amplifiers whenever you need.

*Volume control on Apple headphones is not supported.

Masterfully crafting your experience

With the M7, FiiO's designers ant back to the drawing board to create a UI that not only oozes with style but also doesn't sacrifice usability in the process. the six icons of the main interface allow easy to access to all you might need. The playing track interface is skinned with a contemporary flat design and supports covers, lyrics and tags. 

Hi-Res Audio Certification

the M7 has been certified by the well-respected Japan Audio Association to be truly capable of "Hi-Res Audio", so you know you are getting great music on the go. 


  • CPU: Exynos 7270 14nm
  • DAC: ES9018Q2C
  • Operation modes: touch screen + physical buttons + wheel
  • Bluetooth: supports Bluetooth 4.2, aptX and aptX-HD
  • LDAC: supported
  • FM radio: supported (5 broadcasting region from 76-180MHz)
  • USB: Type-C USB 2.0
  • Display: 3.2 inch, 480x800 high-definition in-cell touchscreen
  • Dimensions: 52x109x13mm
  • Weight: about 116g
  • Charging time: <2.5 h (DC 5V/2A)
  • Battery life: >20 h (headphone output) / >30 h (Bluetooth output)
  • Battery: 1880mAh Li-polymer battery
  • Storage: Internal storage (about 2GB) + micro SD card (supporting up to 512GB)
  • Color: Black/Silver (more colours available in the future)

Headphone out specs:

  • Output power 1: >= 70mW (16 ohm / THD+N<1%)
  • Output power 2: >=40mW (32 ohm / THD+N<1%)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 90kHz (-3dB)
  • SNR: >=117dB (A-weighted)
  • Output impedance: <2 ohm (32ohm loaded)
  • THD+N: <0.004% (1kHz)
  • Peak output voltage: 3.35 Vp-p
  • Noise floor: <3uV

What's in the box

  • FiiO M7 Player
  • Transparent back cover
  • USB / USB-C Cable
  • Instructions sheet
  • Warranty certificate

Technical specifications

Main Unit
Name / Model No.M7Operating SystemDeeply customized Android
CPU modelExynos 7270 14nmNo. of cores4
CPU operating frequency1.4GHzDACES9018Q2C
KeyboardVirtual QWERTY keyboardInput methodTouchscreen
Special featuresLDAC,FM radio,clock,gestures operationUser interfaceDeeply customized /FiiO Music
Chips usedSoC: Samsung Exynos 7270 , DAC:ES9018Q2C,  FM chip:Si4705,Bluetooth chip:SAMSUNG  S5N5C10B01-6330


WiFiN/ABluetoothBluetooth V4.2,aptX/aptX-HD supported

Display screen

Display size3.2 inchesNumber of colours0.26 million colors
Display typeTFTViewable angleFull-view
Resolution480×800Pixel density292 ppi


Storage expansion typeMicro SD cardROM available to user2GB
Maximum storage expansion512GB (only one micro SD card slot)  

Buttons and ports

ButtonsSide buttons + side volume wheel+ touchscreenCustom key mappingN/A
Headphone out3.5mm standard headphone output jack (shared PO/LO)Balanced outputN/A
Line out3.5mm standard headphone output jack (shared PO/LO)USB connectionTYPE C  USB2.0(charging / data transfer
Digital Coaxial/Optical outN/A  


ColorBlack / Silver / Red / BlueDimensions52mm×109mm×13mm
WeightAbout 116 gVolume control60 steps digital potentiometer
Recommended headphone impedance16~100 Ω Equalizer10-band EQ (±6dB), 9 presets+custom preset
Treble boostN/ABass boostN/A
Balance control±5 dBGain controlN/A

Power specifications

USB power adapterDC 5V/2A recommendedBattery Internal 1880mAh Li-polymer battery
Charging indicationRed light indicates,blue light turns on after fully chargedCharging time<2.5 h(DC5V/2A)
Battery indicationYes (accurate battery % readings)  
Battery Life & Test Conditions
3.5mm headphone output:≥20 h
Volume15LoadM3 open earbuds (27 Ω)
Test FileMP3 44.1kHz/16bit  
Bluetooth output:>26 h
Test FileMP3 44.1kHz/16bitScreenOFF
Battery life test file download linkclick here to download  


Firmware Upgrade

Supported via zip file placed in internal storage or micro SD card

(*The product uses GPLv2 compliant firmware.)

Font sizeN/A
ClockSupportedThird-party apps supportN/A

FM Index

Output power









Frequency response20Hz~4KHz(-3dB)
Covered region76-108MHz  

Line output specifications

THD+N<0.004% (1 kHz/10kΩ)SNR≥117dB (A-weighted)
Frequency response20Hz~90 kHz(-3dB)Noise floor<3 uV
Channel separation≥100dB (1 kHz)Line level>1.2Vrms (10 kΩ/1 kHz)
Headphone out specifications (3.5mm headphone out jack)
Output power 1≥70mW(16Ω / THD+N<1%)Output impedance<2 Ω(32Ω loaded)
Output power 2≥40mW(32Ω /THD+N<1%)THD+N<0.004%
Frequency response10Hz~90 kHz(-3dB)Peak output voltage3.35 Vp-p
SNR≥117dB (A-weighted)Noise floor<3 uV
File format support

APE - FAST:192kHz/24bit(MAX.)
Apple Lossless:192kHz/24bit(MAX.)
WMA LOSSLESS:96kHz/24bit(MAX.)

Lossy compression: