TOPPING D90 MQA AK4499 Full Balanced DAC Bluetooth 5.0 DSD512

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Topping D90 MQA - Flagship DAC offering a velvety sound output power

This version includes an MQA decoder and supports full decoding of this type of file format on its USB input.

Topping D90 is a new balanced flagship DAC by Topping, built around the latest Asahi Kasei Microdevices flagship DAC / AMP chip, AKM AK4499EQ. It is also equipped with the XMOS XU216 USB interface chip, the AKM AK4118 S/PDIF receiver chip and the CPLD programmable logic chip. It uses German Thesycon controllers. It is equipped with a pair of AccuSilicon 451584 MHz and 491520 MHz femtosecond clocks, ensuring the best sound quality.

A bit of history...

A direct successor to the D70 Topping, the D90 benefits from the same refinements as its big brother while updating its DAC with a newer and more efficient version, the AK4499 AKM. For the rest, it largely follows the excellent internal design of the previous model and its exceptional performance.

Detailed description

Topping D90 is equipped with the flagship Asahi Kasei Microdevices AKM AK4499 digital/analog converter chip, boasting AKM’s Velvet Sound Technology, which makes it a very efficient DAC, providing exceptional sound quality and rich details. AK4499EQ current-output DAC is a successor of the AK4497EQ and is produced using the same Premium Audio LSI process and Non-Magnetic Packaging technology originally developed for the AK4497EQ. These techniques dramatically improve noise performance, especially in the traditionally problematic lower frequency range. It achieves industry-leading low distortion and low noise characteristics through newly developed distortion reduction technology and low noise design.

The AK4499EQ supports PCM and DSD512 inputs up to 768kHz. AKM’s Low-Distortion Technology has been optimized for the AK4499’s current-output architecture, resulting in a THD+N measurement of -124dB. The AK4499EQ achieves SNR of 140dB in mono mode. It has been implemented with 4 OPA 1612 amplifiers, 7 hi-fi capacitors, CPLD processing using 2 Accusilicon femtosecond clocks that provide completely noise-free and jitter-free sound. This transducer provides soft, smooth and vibrant sound quality, that’s why it’s called Velvet Sound Verita. The sound output is natural and soft, which accurately reproduces all the micro details in your music.

USB Input

Newest XMOS XCORE-200 XU216 with 2 Tiles 16 Cores upto 2000MIPS real time processing power in dual issue mode. It is equal to two XU208 combined in one silicon chip, one dedicated tile is used for the USB data and the other tile is dedicated to process the audio data to the DAC. XU216-512 includes 4x more ram than xu208-128 and 8x more ram than the old BGA XMOS U8/U6.

The XMOS XU216 USB interface is well known to audiophiles and offering an exceptionally transparent sound. XU216 chip is a representative of the xCORE-200 Series by XMOS and is a 32-bit multicore microcontroller characterized by its low latency and timing determinism. Unlike conventional microcontrollers, XU216 is cabable of executing multiple real-time tasks simultaneously and communicate between tasks using a high speed network.

A myriad of inputs

The Topping D90 is equipped with a high-quality USB XMOS XU216 chip, which offers a high PCM sampling rate up to 32-bit / 768 kHz and native DSD up to DSD512, and a crystal clear background without noise. This set is simply unique and charming. I2S input is supported via HDMI port, which provides a better signal, which is sent to the DAC for decoding services, this function only uses I2S signal via HDMI, so you cannot use HDMI via PC, TV or set-top box. The sound quality is natural, smooth and charming, start listening to all your music with very good precision. The D90 is also equipped with AKM AK4118 chip, which covers all S/PDIF connections, which is able to decode PCM up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, completely free of noise and interference. It takes input signals via optical, coaxial and AES input ports.

D90 offers following inputs: USB-B (XMOS), optical, coaxial, AES, I2S and Bluetooth 5.0. USB and I2S inputs support up to PCM32bit / 768 kHz and DSD512 Native. Optical, coaxial and AES inputs support up to PCM24bit / 192 kHz.

Bluetooth 5.0 support with Qualcomm flagship chip

Topping D90 is equipped with the flagship Bluetooth Qualcomm chip, CSR 8675, offering a strong and stable Bluetooth connection that is delay-free and supports all codecs such as aptX, aptX HD, aptX LL, AAC, LDAC and much more. Offers high-resolution 24-bit / 96kHz LDAC over a wireless connection. Supporting LDAC and aptX HD, the Topping D90 delivers crystal-clear audio without delays.

Wide dynamic range and excellent signal-to-noise ratio

Topping D90 provides a wide dynamic range of 127dB and an amazing signal-to-noise ratio – 127dB, which provides greater extensions at the lower and higher ends and amazing crystal-clear background, without any signs of noise.

Dual output ports

Topping D90 is equipped with dual output sockets, XLR outputs offer 4Vrms output power at 0dBps, and the other output port, an unbalanced RCA offers 2Vrms output power at 0dBps. It provides enough power to power any of your demanding devices, whether it’s headphones or a speaker system. The D90 can send a signal through both output ports at the same time, so you can use multiple tools at the same time. It is equipped with a volume control function, so it can be used both as a digital-to-analog converter and as a preamplifier converter. The volume control can be turned off so that the D90 works only as a digital-to-analog converter.

Remote included

D90 is equipped with a remote control that can be used for various functions such as on / off, mute, volume control, input type change, DAC filter type change or OLED display brightness adjustment.


  • Product type: DAC
  • DAC Chip: AKM AK4499
  • USB Interface: XMOS XU216
  • SPDIF Interface: AK4418
  • BluetoothL 5.0 / Apt-X HD / LDAC
  • Inputs:
    • 1x I2S LVDS (HDMI)
    • 1x Optical Toslink
    • 1x USB-B (XMOS)
    • 1x Coaxial S/PDIF
    • 1x AES/EBU
  • Supported sampling rates:
    • MQA
    • USB : PCM up to 32bit 768kHz / Native DSD up to DSD512 / DSD DoP up to DSD256
    • I2S : PCM up to 32bit 768kHz / DSD up to DSD512
    • Coaxial, Optical, AES : PCM up to 24bit 192kHz
  • Outputs:
    • 1x Balanced XLR
    • 1x Single-Ended RCA
  • Output voltage:
    • RCA : 2Vrms @ 0dBFS
    • XLR : 4Vrms @ 0dBFS
  • Dynamic range (A-Weighting): 128dB


  • Power Supply: AC110V/AC220V 50Hz/60Hz (switchable) via IEC (cable included)
  • Case material: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 22 x 16 x 4.5 cm
  • Color: Black or SIlver
  • Package:
    • 1x Topping D90 MQA
    • 1x IR Remote Control
    • 1x Bluetooth antenna
    • 1x USB Cable
    • 1x Power cable
    • 1x User manual
    • 1x Warranty card

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TOPPING D90 MQA AK4499 Full Balanced DAC Bluetooth 5.0 DSD512

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Incorrect Specs listed

The MQA version USB IC is the XU216 not the XU208. It had to be updated in order to handle MQA. Please update your site accordingly.

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Il suono allo stato dell'arte.

Ho acquistato il Topping d90 mqa da circa un mese, spinto dalle molteplici recensioni che ho trovato su vari forum, anche esteri, dove si parlava più che bene di questo dac. Ecco, io non è che ne abbia provati molti, ho sostituito un smsl Su-8, ma fin da subito ho potuto notare un miglior posizionamento di tutta la scena musicale ed un sostanziale miglioramento del suono. Effettivamente un gran bel sentire che ti porta ad abbandonarti all'ascolto della musica. L'evoluzione tecnologica fa passi da gigante e questo dac ne è la prova.
Come per altri acquisti da me effettuati, anche questa volta ho scelto Play Stereo perché in definitiva, ho trovato il miglior rapporto qualità del servizio - prezzo, valutato dopo una lunga ricerca fatta sul web. In altri siti asiatici sembra che il Topping d90 mqa costi meno, ma se poi aggiungi le spese di spedizione, tasse e costi di sdoganamento, alla fine ti costa anche di più e senza garanzia, che per altro qui su Play Stereo è di due anni.
Inoltre volevo segnalare lo staff di Play Stereo che ha avuto molta pazienza nel seguirmi durante le vari fasi dell'acquisto.

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