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FLINT IS THE ULTIMATE BABY DAC FROM METRUM ACOUSTICS, making digital music sound sublime

Metrum Acoustics is pleased to announce the introduction of the FLINT, the baby Digital to Analog Converter with the unique Non-Oversampling sound quality you are familiar with.

The first low entry, yet very powerful Digital to Analog converter from Metrum Acoustics comes to you with the renowned Metrum Acoustics DAC chips. The FLINT makes its launch in June 2018 and builds upon our years of experience in digital to analog converters. The FLINT combines high quality components known by thousands of Metrum Acoustics worldwide.

At Metrum Acoustics we are fanatic about building the best Digital to Analogue converters because of our love for making digital music sound sublime!

The FLINT is the ultimate companion for every distributed audio setup, like SONOS, but also because of its small size fits into any bedroom or other room where you require the most sublime digital sound. Sublime Digital sound for game consoles, distributed audio, or any other audio setup.

Additional Information:

  • Weight - 2.5 kg
  • Dimensions - 14 x 14 x 6 cm
  • FLINT by Metrum Acoustics - 110 Volt, 230 Volt
  • Entries: Coax - Toslink

Metrum Acoustic at a glance

All Engineering (AE) is a company with a history of innovation in many fields within the world of electronic design. In the audio industry AE is primarily known today for its brand Metrum Acoustics. In the electrostatic speaker field their experience dates back to 1989 and gradually over time broader electronic applications have evolved. 

A diverse range of acoustic system products have been created during this period, always relying on sound electronic design principles. Digital signal processing has played a significant role in more recent developments. 

In hi fidelity audio AE’s attention was initially drawn to the limited availability of certain componentry. Established manufacturers supplying these key components decide how signals should be processed. No alternatives are available and therefore this greatly influences the sound image that is realised.  

Current trends among manufacturers are to use the technique of ‘oversampling’ or ‘upsampling’ within the digital to analogue chipset itself. This forces designers to utilise this method of signal conversion for their own products. It also means that many brand systems use the same building blocks and consequently sound the same. The sound images created by such systems can actually betray the componentry that has been implemented.

These sampling techniques were introduced to fulfil the need ‘to smooth’ the conversion process from digital to analogue and prevent phase distortion. Particularly during the years following the introduction of CD replay, conversion methods proved insufficient with regard to sonic artefacts. In response strong filtering methods were employed and the oversampling technique was born. These techniques however had disadvantages which manifest themselves for example in areas of transient response.

Today there is a growing view that ‘non oversampling’ or NOS for short, offers many benefits but without the compromises mentioned above. AE dedicated considerable time and attention to researching the NOS premise and found its audible benefits valid up to a certain point. 

The question then remained how to remove these sonic artefacts without resorting to oversampling. This question was answered by the first product  made by AE  the NOS mini DAC  Quad, a digital to analogue converter designed and manufactured with modern high speed industrial grade chipsets,  free from most of the disadvantages of the past.  These techniques are improved over time and used over the entire range of products. The most important result is the  sound, which was never so close to the analog origin.

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Metrum Acoustics FLINT The Ultimate Baby DAC

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Great customer service

I have tested the Metrum Flint DAC with DAC2 upgrade. In the end I have decided to not keep it alhough it is a great product. It is well made and with an interesting sound signature but not the best match in my specific system.

I would like to thank the Playstereo team for their great customer service. They are very responsive and showed great patience in answering all my (perhaps too many) questions. They also managed to install the DAC2 chips and ship the DAC the day before their holidays in order to not let me wait for two more weeks. Impressive.

So I am very satisfied with this trustworthy company. Highly recommended.

Let me finish by thanking Playstereo for their good care and service.

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Una meraviglia

Un dac piccolo nelle dimensioni ma grandissimo nella riproduzione, ampia scena a sonora tutto è ben scandito, la riproduzione è fluidissima, ora si che la musica liquida si sente come si deve, grazie a Playstereo per i suoi consigli e per la qualità del servizio.

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piccolo DAC, ma dal suono sublime ...

Devo dire che il suono di questo DAC mi ha davvero sorpreso in positivo. E' il primo DAC NOS che posseggo. Non li avevo mai sentiti prima, avendo sempre utilizzato DAC "oversampling" (chip sigma delta) con filtri digitali e quant'altro. Devo dire, invece, che questo DAC - proprio perché privo di filtri, manipolazioni/alterazioni - produce un suono molto naturale e fluido (e con molte armoniche). Si ha davvero la netta impressione di un suono maggiormente realistico (rispetto al suono duro/freddo/troppo analitico dei dac sigma delta).
L'immagine sonora è più precisa con una eccellente separazione degli strumenti. Tale ultimo aspetto - devo dire - è quello che più mi ha sorpreso. Davvero magnifica, poi, è la resa in termini di palcoscenico sonoro, che risulta molto più ampio e profondo.
Da ultimo confermo pienamente ciò che taluni osservano in merito ai DAC NOS, ovvero che riproducono il suono del pianoforte in modo più realistico, materico e ricco di armoniche. E' proprio così! Ottimo inizio, al momento, con il Flint. Ringrazio il Sig. Gerardo Ventura, persona assai competente, per avermi fatto conoscere i prodotti Metrum.

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Piccolo, semplice, ben suonante

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piccolo, semplice, estremamente funzionale e ben suonante

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  1. DeejayAlex73
    2022-03-31 23:09
    buon giorno, vorrei collegare a questo amplificatore per cuffie il mio IBASSO DX220, vorrei sapere se i DAC dell\'amplificatore sono meglio di quelli del DX220 e se quando collego il DX220 funzionano i DAC dell\'amplificatore o quelli del dx220, o tutti e due? É una buona scelta questo? Grazie
  2. Giò Poato
    2022-03-30 09:40
    Buongiorno, volevo avere conferma che il DAC abbia i moduli DAC TWO, perché ho visto sul sito Metrum che di serie montano i DAC ONE, prevedendo i TWO a richiesta con supplemento di prezzo. Grazie. Cordiali saluti.

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