Spendor SP100R² Vintage Loudspeakers pair [2nd hand]

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Second hand pair, in excellent conditions, in speakers in perfect conditions, 1 year warranty

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Presented in a superbly veneered enclosure, the Spendor SP100R is an evolution of the S100, S100P and SP100 loudspeaker systems. These have been recipients of numerous awards: the prestigious French Diapason d'or and the Japanese 'Component of the year' accolade to name but two.

This was just the beginning as the speaker evolved with Spendors ability to design and build our own drive units to exactly match the acoustic requirements of the enclosure. The SP100R continues to set the standard by which other loudspeakers are judged.

The SP100R is a testament to Spendor's unique understanding of cabinet design. Critical positioning of the drive units and internal enclosures control and reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum.

• Spendor 16cm midrange drive unit with phase correction design
• Spendor 300mm bass driver with lightweight treated cone
• High grade crossover network with gold conductors
• Silver plated pure copper internal cables throughout
• Gold plated binding posts on the rear
• Temperature stabilised rubberised cabinet damping pads
• Classic thin-wall design to reference standards

Description: 3-way stand mounting loudspeaker
Enclosure type: Reflex
HF drive unit: 19mm soft dome with fluid cooling
MF drive unit: Spendor 160mm polymer cone
LF drive unit: Spendor 300mm bextrene cone
Sensitivity: 89dB for 1 watt at 1 metre
Crossover point: 550 Hz, 5 kHz
Frequency response: 45 Hz to 20 kHz ± 3dB anechoic
Typical in-room response: -6dB at 35 Hz
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
Impedance minimum: 5.5 ohms
Power handling: 200 watts unclipped programme
Terminals: Gold 2/3 way binding posts bi-wired
Cabinet (HxWxD): 700 x 370 x 430mm
Finish: cherry
Weight: 36 kg each
Stand height: 350-450mm (not supplied)

"The Spendors possessed a snappy, tight and extremely rhythmic bottom end... ...orchestral music had that great sense of authority and scale that it so believable, while well recorded rock music with real drums was just awesome"
Hifi plus Magazine

"A wonderfully engaging sound with plenty of scale; tonal refinement; great midrange; easy to drive and partner... ...few if any can deliver music - any music from Metallica to Madonna to Mahler - in such a fluid, natural and downright insightful manner. There are some great speakers at this price level, but it's hard to think of any that deliver such a beguilingly balanced performance"
What Hifi Magazine

Spendor Classic series

The Spendor Classic Series is a range of stand-mounted loudspeakers which has been developed from the experience of over 30 years of Spendor heritage and experience.

Whilst there have been constant advances and refinements to the original technology used in the first Spendor products, the attention to fine detail remains and is embodied in the award winning Classic Series products.

The Latest 'R' series classic speakers combine all the advantages in materials technology that have been developed for the new Spendor speakers, but retain the traditional styling and sound balance one would expect from these monitor grade loudspeakers.

Spendor Audio at a glance

Spendor loudspeakers are designed and hand built at the Spendor factory in Hailsham, Sussex in the UK. Traditional craftmanship, skilled design capability and modern engineering materials all combine to produce superbly built loudspeakers with models to suit any taste or application.

Spendors unique bass and mid drive units are also designed and built in Hailsham. Many other manufacturers are content to buy in standard, or slightly modified versions of drive units easily obtainable from component suppliers, whilst claiming the drive units as their own. Not so with Spendor. The main drivers are the heart of the loudspeaker, and should be designed and built with care, and without compromise.

Originally founded in the 1960's by Spencer and Dorothy Hughes, Spendor grew out of the expertise gained in the BBC's sound engineering department. The original BC1 design became the studio monitor of choice and soon this and other designs were to be developed for the consumer market.

For well over 30 years a succession of distinctive and innovative products has set a reference standard for consumer and professional users. Many Spendor designs have earned international cult status amongst discerning audiophiles and sound engineers, and the virtues of such classics as the Spendor BC1 and LS3/5a are embodied in today's products.

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Spendor SP100R² Vintage Loudspeakers pair [2nd hand]

Second hand pair, in excellent conditions, in speakers in perfect conditions, 1 year warranty

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