Topping D30 Pro Balanced DAC 4x CS43198 32bit 384kHz DSD256

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TOPPING D30 PRO Balanced DAC 4x CS43198 32bit 384kHz DSD256

Powerful and compact balanced DAC, the digital-to-analog conversion stage of the Topping D30 Pro is based on no less than four Cirrus Logic CS43198 chips. These enable it to support high sample rates up to 32bit 384kHz PCM and DSD256, while offering incredible performance in terms of distortion level, THD+N and dynamics.

Quad DAC CS43198

The use of four Cirrus Logic CS43198 digital-to-analog conversion chips provides a total of 8 balanced channels. This special design provides the DAC with greater output capacity while improving overall sound quality and measured and real-life performance. 

XMOS USB Interface

Il D30 Pro utilizza un chip XMOS XU208 a 8 core per la sua interfaccia USB. Questo supporta file ad alta risoluzione fino a 32bit 384kHz PCM e DSD256. Inoltre, il D30 Pro utilizza un driver Thesycon personalizzato per prestazioni ottimali.

Complete connections

The D30 Pro will adapt to any system, with a complete range of inputs: USB-B, Toslink Optical, Coaxial and RCA stereo. It offers both unbalanced stereo RCA and balanced XLR outputs.

High quality components

The Topping D30 Pro benefits from careful design in every respect. It uses an Altera PLC for clock signal processing and eight independent LDOs to provide a clean and stable power supply for the audio circuit.

Technical characteristics

Product typeDAC
Inputs1x USB-B
1x Optical Toslink
1x Coaxial
1x Stereo RCA
Outputs1x Single-ended stereo RCA
1x Balanced stereo XLR
DAC Chips4x Cirrus Logic CS43198
Sampling ratesUSB : PCM up to 32bit 384kHz
Native DSD up to DSD256, DSD DoP up to DSD128
Coaxial / Optical : PCM up to 24bit 192kHz, DSD64 (DoP)
THD+N @ A-WeightingRCA : < 0.0001% @ 1kHz
XLR : < 0.00009% @ 1kHz
THD @ No-Weighting 45kBwRCA : < 0.0004% @ 20Hz-20kHz
XLR : < 0.0004% @ 20Hz-20kHz
SNR @ A-WeightingRCA : 127dB @ 1kHz
XLR : 132dB @ 1kHz
Dynamic range @ A-WeightingRCA : 127dB @ 1kHz
XLR : 132dB @ 1kHz
Frequency responseRCA : 20Hz-20kHz (±0.1dB) / 20Hz-40kHz (±0.3dB)
XLR : 20Hz-20kHz (±0.1dB) / 20Hz-40kHz (±0.3dB)
Voltage outputRCA : 2Vrms @ 0dBFS
XLR : 4Vrms @ 0dBFS
Noise @ A-WeightingRCA : < 0.9µVrms
XLR : < 1.1µVrms
CrosstalkRCA : -116dB @ 1kHz
XLR : -145dB @ 1kHz
Output impedanceRCA : 20Ω
XLR : 40Ω

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Topping D30 Pro Balanced DAC 4x CS43198 32bit 384kHz DSD256

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Qualità assicurata.

Apparecchio davvero ECCELLENTE. Quanto a Playstereo, tutto semplicemente PERFETTO.

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