FiiO FD1 Beryllium-Plated Single Dinamic IEM

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Flagship-grade beryllium-plated diaphgram driver

With FiiO’s typical flagship-grade headphone technology, the FD1 dynamic driver is made of high-end beryllium, known for being light, thin yet extremely rigid.

It brings you a sense of movement and power, shaping majestic sound performances.

  • Beryllium-plated dynamic driver
  • N50 two-way magnetic circuit
  • Balanced pressure relief technology
  • Celluloid faceplate
  • 4-stranded high-purity
  • Monocrystalline copper cable
  • Strong bass

Two-way magnetic circuit design

Powerful driven capacity

The dynamic driver is designed with an N50 two-way magnetic circuit having a 55% magnetic flux promotion and nearly 1 Tesla of magnetic field intensity compared with the traditional single magnetic circuit. The double magnetic flux activates forceful driven capacities that enable energetic, robust bass performances and even full and delightful transient responses.

Patented balanced pressure relief technology

The beryllium diaphgram coupled with the two-way magnetic circuit design allows improved bass acoustic pressur and deeper bass explosion. Plus FiiO patented balanced pressure relied technology, the pressure is able to stay in a balanced state after precise counting and adjusting.

All of these features ensure non-distortion for large dynamics, natural and elastic bass. You can comfortably enjoy hi-res music for a really long time with no burdens.

Gold-plated retaining ring, stable vocalization unit

The FD1 is meticulously designed with a gold-plated aluminium alloy retaining ring and sound tube for each unit, beautifying the FD1 and simultaneously providing way stable cavity for the audible unit, acheiving incredible sound quality.

Great sound, just want to listen as much as possible

The loose and atmospheric bass, clearly transparent mids and hig-resolution treble, are specially tuned with relatively balanced distributions. The overall tuning is a more popular style. Easy to drive and compatible with ranges of devices, the FD1 fully shows up the charm of music with details.

Real gorgeous goodness; Unique calluloid faceplate

The faceplate is inlaid with rich-layer celluloid materials specially chosen for its unique texture and style, each of which contribues to the glossy FD1.

Alongside with the low-key golden FiiO logo, the whole FD1 is coming with glittering and translucent light.

Higher-standard upgraded accessory, 4-stranded hig-purity monocrystalline copper cable

Included with the FD1 is the cable made of braided Litz wires, 30 cores per strand, 4 strands in a total of 120 cores.

Each Litz wire is insulated from each other, ensuring better audio transmission performance under the naturally-occurring yet adverse “skin” and “proximity” effects.

What this means for actual listening is improved bass, hauntingly realistic vocals, as well as obviously promoted sound quality.

Lighter to release burdens from your ears

The ergonimic design, combined with light weight elements finally achieves comfortable-wearing feelings. With each unit weighing in at mere 4.g, it is put on your ears lik it is nothing there.

- Aluminium alloy sound tube

- 0.78mm 2-pin connectors

- Gold-plated 3.5mm plug

- Left blue and right red unit markers

- Technical metal splitter

- Balanced eartips (large*2, medium*2, small*2)

- Bass eartips (large*2, medium*2, small*2)

- Memory foam eartips*2

- HB1 carrying case*1

Hi-Res Audio Certified

The FD1 is certified by the Japan Audio Society to be capable of bringing you “Hi-Res Audio” with quality far beyond those of CDs.

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FiiO FD1 Beryllium-Plated Single Dinamic IEM

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