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First of all, earbuds, canalphones (and pretty much everything else that inserts itself into ears) usually are not welcome around here.

There're many problems associated with earbuds and canalphones... It all really comes down to the unnatural sounding.

Humans hear from "afar" with their ears, the dampening of frequencies by pinnae and outer earshell is part of one's own perception of sound. Earphones are somewhat intrusive and harsh in this respect, as they remove that part of perception. Canalphones are the harshest, their almost connecting to the tympanic membranes makes them very fatiguing.

Another problem with earbuds is they usually either don't hurt and don't fit, or fit and hurt.

Sonically, the other problem with earphones is (other than their somewhat artificial, "in-the-head" sounding) soundstage. Canalphones can create a very detailed soundstage, but it's not completely realistic, it is "clinical". This is part of the same - with transducers inserted into ears (inside of them being outside ears), the sonic clues from one's own earshell disappear. The most comfortable and realistic-sounding headphones are circumaural ("around-the-ear").

Yuin PK3 are a standout among earbuds. They don't hurt when inserted - fit may, as usual, vary for different listeners, but their shape and foam pads are very well-designed, soft and comfortable, unlike the other two sets of earbuds here: an old set of Radio Shack (really Koss OEM) earbuds that don't hurt and tend to fall out, and AKG K-12P, which hurt but sit in place.

Yuin PK3 have a very headphone-like soundstage. Still not as large as even mini-headphones, but approaching the size and impact of real headphones. Detail's as good as of some of the more expensive full-size headphones (a switch from AKG K-240S takes away some of the volume, makes everything somewhat smaller in scale, but does not take away detail).

Yuin PK3, like many Asian headphones, are also more intimate, warm, they sparkle with vital energy when playing music.

Tonal Balance & Sound
Earbuds usually don't do bass.
Yuin PK3 have lots of bass (too much at times, even). It'll depend on the source, but PK3 usually are powerful in the low end. Bass kicks sound like bass kicks, and overall instruments sound like themselves, unlike the earbuds bundled with Cowon T2.
Cowon T2 stock earbuds couldn't play these analogue tom samples. Overall the T2 can sound somewhat static, "still" (though this is a problem of all compressed sound formats, and CD audio itself). Yuin PK3 automatically turn the sound lively.

PK3 sound is very warm, lively, full of ji. They manage to convey the original vitality, energy of music even through all the defects of compressed audio (Cowon T2's "MPEnhance" DSP feature also helped).

Bass can get somewhat too out of control at times, raspy and resonant. Again - there can be too much of it at times (snares and kick drums can become a bit heavy) - but for someone after powerful bass in earbuds, this is it. Nominal impedance is specified as 32-ohm +/-3.2, noticeable in this "jumpy" bass behaviour.

Midrange is clean and natural, as it's been written, there wasn't that much difference (except soundstage scale) when the K-240S were switched to PK3.

Treble and very top frequencies are a bit "rounded off", but very precise.

Even to a casual listener the PK3 didn't sound much like earbuds and more akin to real headphones.

Yuin PK3 are perhaps the best earbuds for the money. An automatic upgrade from any headphones or earbuds bundled with a player. "Hi-fi earbuds" is a combination that can make anyone laugh - until listening to PK3.

Comfortable, with sound that rivals full-size headphones at twice the cost, with an oriental warm, sparkling character.

Yuin PK3 are very addictive.
Even the most spoiled earbud snob (except perhaps of the very spoiled kind that won't accept anything but white earbuds) will love those earbuds.

- Enclosure type: semi-open, earbuds
- Frequency response: 15-20000 Hz
- Nominal impedance: 32-ohm +/-3.2
- Sensitivity, dB/1 mW: 120 +/-3
- Maximum input current: 400 mV
- Cable: straight, Y-shaped

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YUIN PK3 Earbud

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