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Hifi headphone grade sound stage with transparent, smooth sound. Comfortable traditional design, NOT in-the-ear.

Ultra low distortion, high impedance for hifi or professional monitor, PK1 earphones are the ultimate traditional design with top sound quality.

Driving by a head-amp, or even some high output portable audio like Ipod or Iriver, this monster can give you a feeling as top grade hifi headphones, not like average tiny earphones at all.

It's hard to get respect as the World's Best Earbud...except from us. Holy cow, these tiny buds are as good-sounding as many renown mid-priced headphones. Extraordinary bass response, coherent mids and a smooth clear treble extension - we don't know how YUIN does it. The YUIN PK1 are rather inefficient earbuds so a headphone amp is highly recommended, but if you're seeking the very best that an earbud can offer, stop here. Astonishing.

Product Features:
- The best sounding ear-bud we've heard; simple as that.
- Perfect for those not wanting ear canal headphones, but want to stay small.
- Comes with three different ear cushions, and 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor.

What's In The Box:
- storage box
- travel case
- earpad assortment

- A Great Entry to High-End Audio
- Earbud

Portable music geeks have stumped for excellent "reference" earbuds that can match the sound quality of audiophile in-ear headphone designs. Chinese audio manufacturer YUIN has risen to the bait and delivered a set of earbuds that come shockingly close to top in-ear monitors [aka IEMs] but without the deep ear canal insertion and poor comfort issues of IEMs. For listeners with sensitive ears, small ear canals or just for those who don't want to hassle with the fastidious and precise process of properly fitting in-ear headphones, the YUIN PK1 earbuds arrive as a sonic revelation. The most impressive thing is how clearly textured and musically detailed these things sound once you have a headphone amp overcoming the PK1's rather demanding sensitivity and impedance ratings. [For a great earbud that does not require any amp, check out YUIN's low-impedance PK2 model] But for dedicated headphone amp users, the PK1's neutral, transparent treble range extension and its tightly focused low-end punch is light-years ahead of any other buds we've heard -- as the PK1's upscale price indicates. Naturally, don't expect tons of noise-blocking when compared to deep in-ears, but if superb sound without total isolation is your goal, the YUIN PK1s will put a gigantically pleased ear-to-ear smile on your great-sounding head.

The YUIN PK1 come with a selection of thin foam mesh earpads for adjusting the earpiece fit. A couple of pairs have the 'hole-in-the-middle' style and one pair without the hole. The PK1 has a quality 5-ft 'Y'-cable with even-sided cord lengths going to each ear. YUIN earbuds are available only with matte-black cord and earpieces. A basic wood-paneled little gift box contains the PK1 and all accessories like a gold-plated 1/4" full-size plug adaptor. The PK1's 20-24000Hz measured audio response matches that of many high-quality in-ear headphone designs. The YUIN 90-Day product warranty is serviced exclusively through the manufacturer's Head-Direct offices in New York, USA. One more thing: the YUIN booklet and instructions are written in Chinese, so good luck with that.

Headphone Type: Earbud
Connector Type: 1/8
Impedance @ 1kHz: 150
Detachable Cable: No
Cord Length: 5 ft. (1.5 m)
Coupler Size: Small
Ear Coupler Type: Earbud
Driver Type: Dynamic
Acoustic Seal: Open

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YUIN PK1 Earbud

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