Novecento Paste Beeswax spray ml.400


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Cera Spray Novecento is a spray wax produced with vegetable essences and natural materials such as beeswax. It protects, nourishes and shines leaving a pleasant clean scent. Ideal for dusting furniture and wooden floors and for small touch-ups on waxed surfaces. Also excellent for marble surfaces.


Shake well before use. Spray the wax evenly, spread with a woolen cloth and let it dry for a few minutes. Polish with a cloth.

Novecento at a glance

The sweet aroma of beeswax melts with the pungent smell of pure vegetable essences.
Unexpected memories of ancient homes comes to your mind: wooden and terracotta floors, solid walnut tables, display cabinets cleaned by delicate and gentle hands.
Our love and our passion for beautiful homes and good solid traditions together with a desire of restablishing a right balance between technology and nature has brought us to the production of Novecento waxes.
We produce a wide range of products for wood (furniture, floors) and for the waxing of every other kind of surface (from terracotta to marble, from quarry tiles to stones and rubber to leather) and a complete range dedicated to craftsmen.

Each product answers a specific need, each one is the result of a lovely, patient and passionate research. Ingredients are very carefully selected among precious natural raw materials such as the purest beeswax and the finest vegetable essences.

The secret of our waxes is in traditions: the ingredients of our recipes are mixed together following the steps of a century ago.
We know we can count on several hundred years experience!
"A hundred years ago", says Mr Meazza owner of the company, "wood was treated with deep respect. There were not many products at that time and the only substance that could preserve and emphasize the beauty of a piece of furniture was wax.
I think it is still the best way of taking care of your furniture and floors."

Mr Meazza is an enthusiastic beekeeper and looks to his beehives, which are placed on the same hills where his company is settled, with deep gratitude."

Thanks to exigent yet very devoted customers the company, after 25 years of hard work has gained a place in every careful homekeeper hands!

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Novecento Paste Beeswax spray ml.400

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