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audiophile USB cables from AQVOX.

AQVOX was the first company who started the development of dedicated highend USB cables many years ago, we know how to do it right.

This audiophile highend USB cable is for sure one of the best USB cable on the market.

We do recommend strongly to use USB cables manufactured for USB2.0 specification (USB2.0 is printed on the cable, if not it is an USB1.1 cable). USB cables with the lower USB1.1 specs do not sound as good as USB2.0 cables.

Ferrite rings/beads have to be avoided, as they affecting the highs.

USB signal quality
Just because it is a USB-signal, it is not automatically resistant against signal-alteration due to different influences!
The development of best USB-cables requires appropriate measuring equipment, where these signal-problems can be detected and on construction level and proper material selection nearly be eliminated.

To be honest: for our experience, the sonic differences between USB2.0 cables can be huge when it comes to audiophile standards. The AQVOX USB cable sounds very open, transprent and natural, without any harshness. Our customers can go sure, that the AQVOX highend USB cable is made of the very best materials, provides maximum soundquality and exceeds the USB2.0 design specifications. A good hifi set will reveal the advantages of a good USB connection. The sound improves over the complete frequency bandwidth and in all aspects.
Just try it !
Not to forget the mechanical strength, craftsmanship build quality and the attractive professional design.

90-ohms Impedance corrected and audio optimized audiophile High End USB 2.0 (1.1 kompatible) cable.
Massive full metall USB plugs, 24k gold plated contacts, silver solder joints, double shielding is optimized for low inductivity and capacity.
No ferrite-elements.

Length of the USB cable
Our experiments with cable length showed, that the sonic degradation issued by the length of a quality USB-cable has very little/no effect.

Available Lenght
Length 0,50 m
Length 1,00 m
Length 1,70 m
Length 3,00 m
Length 5,00 m

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AQVOX USB Cable audiophile

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Aqvox cavo USB 170 cm-

Ho montato e provato il cavo nel mio impianto stereo di livello medio-alto dove ho dovuto modificare il precedente collegamento più corto (Aqvox 1 mt) tra laptop HP e dac Belcanto 1,5; questo è poi collegato al preamplificatore di un sistema AMAudio con una coppia di cavi bilanciati Linn Silver. Il risultato è buono per l'ascolto di musica liquida formato FLAC. il suono è abbastanza equilibrato, con un resa soddisfacente delle varie frequenze, sufficientemente coinvolgente e dinamico, non affaticante, ovviamente abbastanza condizionato dalla qualità del file in ascolto. La maggiore lunghezza del secondo cavo non penalizza in maniera sensibile l'ascolto, Il cava è di bell'aspetto ed ottima fattura.
Sono molto soddisfatto dell'acquisto.

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  1. Mirko Becattini
    2017-11-26 16:50
    Quale mi consigliate tra CAVO USB WIREWORLD STARLIGHT 7 e Cavo USB AQVOX audiophile per il mio Sennheiser HDVD 800?

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