Beresford TC-3618 Digital Optical Toslink Cable


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High performance digital Toslink optical cable, 1 meter lenght.

Contemporary manufacturing processes and materials allow for a level of precision and performance in the TC-3618 that are unattainable in standard optical cables. The TC-3618 boasts a quality substrate, multi-fiber conductors, and low-loss flexibility. This provides faultless transmission of even the most challenging multi-channel digital soundtrack.

There are two major problems that can make a difference in the sound of a digital signal: jitter and data error.

- Jitter spreads the digital data out over time, smearing or blurring of the sound. An often-overlooked cause of jitter is bandwidth limiting of the digital signal.
- Data error occurs when data arriving at the D/A converter is either missing or wrong. The reconstruction of damaged data through interpolation, would result in less obvious, but still compromising effects on fidelity.

There are four factors that separate the TC-3618 from standard TOSLINK cables:
1. Very high purity material with a 10MHz bandwidth.
2. Highly polished and properly fitted termination.
3. Flexibility without signal loss.
4. Use of high quality components.

The TC-3618 is audibly indistinguishable from coaxial S/PDIF.

Assemblies using large fibers or just a single fiber assembly suffer from greater signal attenuation and reflection than multi-fiber assemblies. This occurs from bending the TOSLINK cable in order to connect up your equipment.
The TC-3618 is made from multiple fibers of a very small diameter and has a larger diameter than a standard TOSLINK.When the signal is multi-channel 24 bits audio and/or sampling rates over 96KHz, this bandwidth is critical. The TC-3618 is an essential lead for DVD DTS or Dolby EX soundtrack with its wide bandwidth.

A non-reflective cladding which also maintains a proper geometric relationship to the conductor surrounding the internal fibers. That is further enhanced by a hard wearing protective nylon mesh, designed to protect the TC-3618 from the most common forms of damages that unprotected optical cables suffer from.

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Beresford TC-3618 Digital Optical Toslink Cable

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fa la differenza

come è arrivato il cavo lo collego fra l'uscita del tv e il dac e sono passato da un suono confuso e privo di dettaglio ad un suono veloce trasparente e dinamico senza rovinarmi economicamente ,impianto composto da ampli exposure xx diffusori spendor ls35a televisore samsung , dac cinese pagato 40 euro circa

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  1. Giuseppe .Bastiani
    2019-01-14 22:02
    Spoett.le PlayStereo,desideravo sapere se il Beresford TC-3618, Cavo Digitale Ottico Toslink, può essere usato per il collegamento di FiiO D03K Taishan DAC con l\'uscita digitale ottica del mio tv Sony Bravia e se è migliorativo rispetto al cavo che date in omaggio e se detto cavo ha un verso come un normale cavo di segnale analogico.Collego poi il DAC con cavi di segnale RCA all\'ampli stereo.Il tutto è corretto e migliorativo rispetto all\'attuale collegamento TV/ampli tramite uscita cuffia del TV?Ringrazio anticipatamente per vostra risposta.G.B.
    • PlayStereo
      2019-09-11 13:17
      Buonasera, il cacvo ottico Beresford TC-3618 possiede una costruzione decisamente migliore rispetto al cavo omaggio, e può tranquillamente essere usato tra il D03K e l\'uscita digitale ottica del TV. Non sembra che il cavo abbia un verso di collegamento.Il miglioramento rispetto all\'uscita cuffia è notevole anche perché l\'uscita cuffie non è elettricamente adatta ad essere collegata all\'ingresso di un amplificatore.

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