AUDIOQUEST Golden Gate JACK/2xRCA Length: 3m [2nd hand]

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Second hand product , excellent conditions, with original box, 1 year warranty.

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Stereo cable terminated with small 3.5mm Jack and 2 RCA | Copper conductors (PSC)

Perfect Surface Solid Copper (PSC) Conductors
Double-balanced asymmetrical geometry
Expanded polyethylene insulation
Gold-plated RCA connectors
Metal Layer Noise Dissipation System (NDS)


Asymmetrical Double-Balanced Geometry: Designed for single-ended applications, the Asymmetrically Double-Balanced Geometry offers relatively lower impedance on the ground for a richer, more dynamic experience. While many single-ended cable designs use a single path for the ground and shield, double-balanced designs separate the two for cleaner, quieter performance.

Perfect Surface Copper (PSC) Conductors: From the very beginning, AudioQuest pioneered the use of superior quality metals, yet we were surprised by the huge leap in performance achieved through Perfect's incredibly smooth and pure surface. Surface Copper (PSC). PSC clearly outperforms previous AQ metals which cost over ten times as much. Proprietary metalworking technology protects the wire surface at every stage of design and fabrication. When high purity low oxide copper is kept as soft, pure and smooth as possible, it becomes a wonderfully low distortion conductor. In a conventional cable, the electrical and magnetic interaction between the strands is a major source of distortion, often resulting in a somewhat harsh and dirty sound. Solid conductors are key to achieving a very clean and natural sound.

Polyethylene foam insulation: Any solid material adjacent to a conductor is actually part of an imperfect circuit. The insulation materials of cables and printed circuit boards all absorb energy. Some of this energy is stored and then released as a distortion. Because air absorbs energy and Polyethylene is low-loss and has a benign distortion profile, Foamed-PE, with its high air content, causes much less out-of-focus effect common to other materials.

Metal Layer Noise Dissipation System: It is easy to achieve 100% screen coverage. Preventing captured radio interference (RFI) from modulating the equipment's ground reference requires AQ's Noise Dissipation System (NDS). Traditional shielding systems typically absorb and then discharge the noise/RF energy to the component ground, modulating and distorting the critical "reference" ground plane, which in turn causes signal distortion. NDS "protects the shield" by absorbing and reflecting most of this RF noise/energy before it reaches the grounded layer.

Cold-welded, gold-plated terminations: This plug design allows for a solder-free connection, which is a common source of distortion. Instead of welding, the process uses a high pressure technique. Since the earth shells are stamped rather than machined, the metal used can be chosen for low distortion rather than machinability.

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AUDIOQUEST Golden Gate JACK/2xRCA Length: 3m [2nd hand]

Second hand product , excellent conditions, with original box, 1 year warranty.

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