AQVOX Interconnect IC Coppercable XLR


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Brand: AQVOX


Handmade in Germany
Alternatively our interconnect made of copper-litz. The twisted-quad-conductors are reducing the inductivity and the copper-screen reduces stray pick-up of distrurbances/humm/radio nearly completely. The double-balanced configuration (per channel 4 conductors to twin-pairs) improves the signal to noise by 10-20db compared to regular two-conductor balanced cables.

Build in standard 100cm/39.36 inches other lengths on request
XLR-(or RCA)plugs to XLR-plugs
With copper screen/shield
Inductivity (1,2m)= 0,9µH
Capacity (1,2m)= 105pF

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AQVOX Interconnect IC Coppercable XLR

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