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TCI King Cobra Stereo Speaker Cable, non terminated, price per meter. It is manufactured using the best Aerospace materials and technology and is designed to get superb performance from your Hi-Fi system. It uses the same core material as our Cobra Interconnect and so if you are using the two together in a system the sound has tremendous synergy.

Music remains detailed, dynamic and yet unfatiguing. The speaker cable features a floating screen to reject RF interference which increases the ability to resolve low-level detail. Like our Cobra Interconnect, it has amazing bass extension whilst at all times remaining tight and tuneful. The large open and precise imaging is only matched by its ability to portray dynamics to their full potential. Both the Stereo and the Biwire cable have virtual unique design to virtually eliminate the effects of electro-magnetic interference.

Termination: non terminated
Construction: Twin Axial
Core Insulation: PTFE
Outer Insulation: PVC
Capacitance core to screen or core to core: 238pF
Resistance per Km.: 6.1ohms
Impedence: 30ohms

True Colours Industries (TCI) at a glance.
We are one of the worlds best manufacturers of specialist hi-fi cables. Unlike many manufacturers, TCI do not buy in cables from the Far east but design, manufacture and distribute from the United Kingdom. We use only the best aerospace grade materials for our cables, along with the best audio connectors from companies like WBT, Neutrik and Wattgate.

Our cables are:

UK Designed
Lead Free Silver Solder
UK Manufactured

True Colours Hi-Fi and Power cables give a neutral and very open sound with an excellent 3D soundstage. They are detailed, dynamic and rhythmical. They also have very tight and extended bass. TCI design our Hi-Fi Cables to ensure that the emotion of the music is reproduced, as well as the detail, so that you can enjoy and be involved in the performance of the recording, and not just be left as an uninvolved bystander. They are not very system dependent.

True Colours Industries use advanced aerospace technologies in the materials and design of cables. By using materials such as Silver Plated Copper Alloys, TCI cables have the best sonic properties of pure silver without the cost and other disadvantages of this material. They also do not suffer the sonic problems common to many OFC cables - overblown bass, poor high frequency resolution and colouration.
TCI use the best connectors available such as WBT ( and Neutrik (, or, where necessary, our own connectors to get the best performance for the price.
The use of high quality aerospace insulators with low di-electrics such as PTFE, FEP and Superthane ensure clear high resolution sound and pictures.
Above all they represent excellent value for money. They let the True Colours of the performers shine through.

True Colours Industries, a partnership based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, has been manufacturing Hi-Fi cables for 7 years. The owners of the company have nearly 40 years worth of experience in the Hi-Fi and Professional AV industry. True Colours Industries is an associate member of the TCI Group. For further information on the TCI Group visit our corporate website at

100% Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom.
Music Without Compromise, Pictures Without Comparision and Cables Without Equal.

Click here to download the TCI Brochure - Adobe pdf format (16Mb).

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TCI Diamondback Stereo Speaker Cable (cut-sales)

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  1. Emanuele & Roberto Bonesso
    2018-12-11 17:04
    Per ordinare una coppia di cavi devo indicando come quantità un numero pari alla lunghezza totale, i cavi mi arrivano già separati o mi arriva un cavo unico da tagliare?
    • PlayStereo
      2018-12-16 08:33
      Forniamo uno spezzone della lunghezza totale.

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