Sommer Cable Rubberflex Power Cable (cut-sales)

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Sommer Cable Rubberflex Power Cable - non terminated, price per meter. Available at hyour choice in two versions: 3 x 2.5mmq and 3 x 6.0mmq.

Please use only excellent quality power supply plug and inlet plug. CAUTION! Electricity kills. To assemble a power cable starting from this cable you must be skilled for this genre of operations.

You won't be making a mistake... if you swim with the current. Just order the rubber jacket cable H07RN-F, one of the best performing and selling cables on the world market.
It can be used as a power line for audio components, spots, and heavy machinery (mechanical engineering), and also outdoors. This cable is very robust, has a Neoprene-jacket that is extremely resistant to wear and highly flexible.

Approval according to VDE 0282, Part 4/HD 22.453, conforming with 73/23EWG, AF-Guidelines CE.


Extremely dependable due to the flame retardant jacket made of Neoprene (polychloroprene-rubber)
Very flexible due to the fine strand construction in compliance with VDE 0293
Also suitable for outdoor use


Power connection for all types of electrical units
Audio technology (light dimmers, spots, amplifiers, racks...)
Mechanical engineering and agricultural machinery

TECHNICAL DATA (3x2.5mmq; 3x6.0mmq):
Construction H07RN-F 3x2.5mm2; 3 x 6.0mm2
Jacket, diameter 12,5 mm; 17.5mm
Copper strand per conductor according to DIN 0293 mm
Conductor insulation rubber
Shielding: no
Temperature range min. -30 °C
Temperature range max. 60 °C
Weight per 1 m 235 g; 495g
Jacket color black

Insulat. resistance per 1 km 1 MOhm
Test voltage 2 kV

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Sommer Cable Rubberflex Power Cable (cut-sales)

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