SAEC SH-810 HDMI Cable

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Brand: SAEC


New SAEC High quality HDMI cable SAEC SH-820-1.0 from Japan

HDMI cable standard use a large number of conductors so structure is very complex. Also HDMI cables can be influenced by adverse environment conditions / other conductors. In addition HDMI cables must be multi-function due to the high-speed transmission and mutual communication. 

The SH-810 popular model, adopted a silver-coated high purity oxygen-free copper with excellent transmission characteristics (OFC), high transmission characteristics and sound quality. To further improve the image quality a twisted pair structure has evolved into an internally well-balanced construction. It is exactly HDMI cable exquisite sense of balance with reduced cost.

■ 3D, ARC, 4K, support
■ Specifications Cable length: 1.3m cable conductor: silver-coated high-purity oxygen-free copper cable structure: twisted pair shield + aluminum foil, tin-plated copper wire braid double shielded cable outer diameter: φ8.5mm cable covering: PVC direction: Yes

SAEC at a glance.
Founded in 1971 in the golden age of vinyl, SAEC introduced a unique and highly-influential technology called the "W (double) knife-edge tone arm". Although initially known as a specialist tone arm manufacturer, we recognized the importance of interconnect cables from the very beginning and have continued to research and develop high-performance audio cables ever since. The technology we developed through the analog era gave us the know-how to develop high-performance cables for today's digital age. All SAEC products are developed with a commitment to the basic principles of high S/N and Hi-Fi transmission, a philosophy that has been consistent since our founding. Every one of the variety of SAEC products introduced here is born out of this philosophy, and is a product we are proud of.

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SAEC SH-810 HDMI Cable

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