Topping A30 Pro NFCA Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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TOPPING A30 PRO NFCA Headphone Amplifier 

The Topping A30 Pro is a high quality headphone amplifier that will delight lovers of headphone listening. With two headphone outputs at different impedances and a three-level adjustable gain, it will work with all types of headphones. Its symmetrical amplification circuit allows it to offer excellent performance, ensuring great precision and richness of sound.

On the connection side, the A30 Pro offers balanced XLR or unbalanced RCA inputs. For its headphone outputs, the amplifier offers unbalanced 6.35mm jack, as well as 4-pin XLR and unbalanced 4.4mm jack. The A30 Pro also offers two pass-through outputs with unbalanced RCA or two mono 6.35mm jacks for the balanced output. These are not preamplifier outputs.

NFCA & 10x OPA1656

The A30 Pro takes advantage of the new optimized NFCA circuit to achieve incredible unbalanced performance. The 10 OPA1656 AOPs connected in parallel and the UHGF (Ultra High Gain Feedback) technology ensure excellent AC and DC characteristics. The high current of the Topping A30 Pro allows it to be used with a wide range of headphone models without difficulty. Measured characteristics such as an ultra low noise of only 0.3µV or a dynamic range of 145dB allow the Topping A30 Pro to offer a rich, precise and lively sound reproduction.

A particularly complete connectivity

The Topping A30 Pro offers a complete panel of connectors. We find unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR on the input. On the output side, we find unbalanced RCA but also a balanced output on two pass-through mono 6.35mm jacks, as well as three headphone outputs in balanced 4.4mm jack, balanced XLR 4 pins and unbalanced 6.35mm jack.

Furthermore, in the case of an RCA use with several devices, a GND/LIFT switch allows to cancel the noise that can be generated by ground loops. The LIFT position allows you to use the ground of the connected equipment instead of the A30 Pro.

Finally, we note that in the case of the use of a headphone with an impedance higher than 250Ω, the A30 Pro works in Class A.

A versatile headphone amplifier

Versatile, the A30 Pro adapts to all types of headphones, notably thanks to an adjustable gain in 3 levels. The amplifier is equally at home with highly sensitive in-ear monitors and high-impedance headphones

Technical characteristics

Product typeHeadphone amplifier
Inputs1x Single-ended stereo RCA
1x Balanced stereo XLR
Outputs1x Single-ended Jack 6.35mm headphone output
1x Single-ended Jack 4.4mm headphone output
1x Single-ended XLR 4 poles headphone output

1x Single-ended stereo RCA (pass through)
2x Balanced mono Jack 6.35mm (pass through)
THD0.00009% @ 1kHz
SNR128dB @ Medium Gain, 4V In/Out
95dB @ Medium Gain, 50mV Out, 600Ω
THD0.00009% @ 1kHz
Frequency response10Hz - 30kHz

Single-ended inputBalanced input
THD+N @ 1kHz A-Weighting< 0.00007% @ 3.5W, 32Ω
< 0.00006% @ 90mW, 300Ω
< 0.00007% @ 3.2W, 32Ω
< 0.00006% @ 86mW, 300Ω
THD @ 20Hz-20kHz 90kBW< 0.00008% @ 760mW, 32Ω
< 0.00007% @ 81mW, 300Ω
< 0.00007% @ 760mW, 32Ω
< 0.00007% @ 81mW, 300Ω
SNR @ Max Out, 1kHz, A-Weighting145dB140dB
SNR @ 50mV Out, 1kHz104dB104dB
Dynamic range @ 1kHz, A-Weighting145dB140dB
Frequency response20Hz-40kHz (±0.05dB)20Hz-40kHz (±0.1dB)
Output level34Vpp @ G=L
34Vpp @ G=M
45Vpp @ G=H
6.6Vpp @ G=L
34Vpp @ G=M
45Vpp @ G=H
Noise level @ A-Weighting< 0.3µVrms @ G=L
< 0.3µVrms @ G=M
< 0.9µVrms @ G=H
< 0.3µVrms @ G=L
< 0.3µVrms @ G=M
< 1.1µVrms @ G=H
Crosstalk @ 1kHz-106dB-101dB
IMD CCIF @ 18kHz+19kHz-116dB-116dB
IMD SMPTE @ 60Hz+7kHz-110dB @ SMPTE4:1
-115dB @ SMPTE1:1
-110dB @ SMPTE4:1
-116dB @ SMPTE1:1
Input sensitivity60Vrms @ G=L
12.6Vrms @ G=M
2.7Vrms @ G=H
12.7Vrms @ G=L
12.7Vrms @ G=M
2.7Vrms @ G=H
Gain-14dB @ G=L
0dB @ G=M
14dB @ G=H
-14dB @ G=L
0dB @ G=M
14dB @ G=H
Output impedance< 0.1Ω< 0.1Ω
Output power2x 6000mW @ 16Ω, THD+N < 0.1%
2x 5500mW @ 32Ω THD+N < 0.1%
2x 840mW @ 300Ω, THD+N < 0.1%

Net weight870g
Package1x Topping A30 Pro
1x Power cable

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Topping A30 Pro NFCA Balanced Headphone Amplifier

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