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The highlights of the FiiO BTR1 at a glance:

  • Compact all-in-one - Bluetooth, DAC and amplifier in one
  • Bluetooth receiver - Receives wireless music from the smartphone or computer
  • Easy to use - Volume control directly at the housing
  • Microphone integrated - easy to use and use wizards
  • Universally applicable - Fully compatible with Android and iOS

Bluetooth cable?

Sounds funny, but is so. This is the real meaning and purpose of the Fiat BTR1. A wired connection to make wireless.

If you have a good headphone, this classic with the appropriate cable for the best sound. If you want to use the headphones but also on the road, does not necessarily need a fixed cabling with the smartphone or laptop. Or think of sports. Also, a fixed connection to the smartphone or portable music player is often a hindrance.

Or has your smartphone no longer a 3.5 mm jack port, and you would have to buy a new headphone with Bluetooth? Not with the Fiat BTR1.

The design of the Fiio BTR1

The FiiO BTR1 looks like a bigger USB stick. A USB stick with an integrated 3.5 mm jack connector.

The housing is made of light and resistant black aluminum. In addition, the housing is a practical and robust metal clip, with which the BTR1 can be attached to the clothing, the belt or the carrying strap of the bag. Simple and practical.

The technology of the FiiO BTR1

The music transfer to the BTR1 is via Bluetooth 4.2 with the support of the codecs SBC, AAC.

Thus, the music comes in full bandwidth on the connected headphones.

Simple operation - directly on the device

There are three buttons on the BTR1 housing. With the round button in the middle, the BTR1 is switched on and off, play / pause is set, the connection to another device is executed, calls are accepted and rejected, and the equalizer is activated (or deactivated).

The other two buttons are the two sides of the comfortable volume control. The volume rocker protrudes slightly from the housing so that it can be easily touched and operated.

This makes the control as simple and comfortable as possible.

Full compatibility - iOS or Android

The BTR1 is fully compatible with iOS and Android, and also supports the support of classic 3-pole headphones and 4-pole CTIA cable remote controls. Using cable remote control, you can control both tracks forward / back, volume up / down, play / pause and answer / hang up calls.

And, of course, the BTR1 also has a built-in microphone that can be used to make calls, among other things.

Maximum freedom and best sound

The wireless transmission between the music source and the Fiat BTR1 takes place with a maximum of 24 bits and 96 kHz, the range is a maximum of ten meters. This guarantees maximum freedom of movement and great sound at the same time.

And that is exactly the point.

Can be coupled in parallel with two devices

Once you've tried the BTR1, you'll want to use it. Mostly also on several devices. What is closer than the BTR1 notes the connections, and establishes a connection directly when it is close?

Thus, the BTR1 brings a memory for two devices, to which it directly connects again after the first, initial connection (always connects first to the last coupled device).

Small battery - Great running time

The BTR1 has a battery with 205 mAh capacity. What first sounds like a little, guarantees a running time of up to 8 hours. And in less than 2 hours the battery is already full.

The battery status can also be queried directly under iOS and most Android devices. So you always have full control.

Main features Summary :

1. Bluetooth 4.2, supporting SBC, AAC.
(Good compatibility: compatible with Android, iOS and many other types of devices)

2. Discrete high-performance DAC chip, up to 48kHz/24bit decoding support, designed additionally with high-performance work mode
(SNR≥95dB, far better than average Bluetooth receivers, free of background noise even when connecting to high-sensitivity headphones)

3. Supports Bluetooth voice calls, with built-in omnidirectional microphone
(Equal to smart phones' built-in microphone, which makes you enjoy high-quality phone calls)

4. Rechargeable Li-on battery, with around 9 hours' battery life
(Around 9 hours in normal work mode, and around 6 hours in high-performance work mode <Will also adjust>)

5. Working status indicator (Blue + Red) and discrete audio effect indicator
(Remotely switch the audio effect without taking out your phone, easy and convenient)

6. Metal clip design and lanyard
(Easily clip to your collar, bag straps or anywhere)

7. Utilizes the standard 3.5mm headphone port and supports in-line remote control
(In-line remote control available with both CTIA standard 4-pole headphones and normal 3-pole headphones)

8. In-line remote control supports play/pause, volume up/down, previous/next track, answer call/hang up.

9. Bluetooth effective range: around 10 meters

Project background:
Back in August 2016, we had planned a Bluetooth headphone amplifier. In the earliest design, it has a headphone cable and is much smaller. To learn more about it, you may check this post

And during the design process, the product shape has changed quite a lot. It's mainly because the small size design could not meet our requirement for the high sound quality. So we have aborted the design of integrated headphone cable and upgraded the project to the BTR1, which has a 3.5mm headphone port and is more applicable. What's more, since the short headphone cable is not everybody's choice, we eventually decided to sell the cable separately and will not supply it as standard accessory. This very first short headphone cable is applicable to the MMCX connector headphones, including our F5.

Ver1.0 Support: AAC, SBC.

Model Name/NumberBRT1/FB1121 V2.0Color AvailableBlack
WeightAbout 20.5 g (incl. battery)DimensionsAbout 24mmx50mmx11.6mm
Audio InputBluetooth connection (Bluetooth 4.2 supported)Bluetooth codecSupporting SBC, AAC
Headphone output3.5 mm stereo jackDrive ability16~100 Ω (recommended)
Volume ControlSide buttonsCharging IndicationRed light indicates , green light turns on after fully charged
Charging Time≤2 h(DC5V 500mA)Power inputRecommend DC5V 500mA (Micro USB charging port)
Battery Capacity205 mAhBattery Lifeabout 8 h
Output Power≥30mW (16 Ω/THD<1%)
≥ 15mW(32Ω/THD<1%)
Frequency Response20 Hz~20 kHz
THD+N<0.04% (1 kHz)Output Impedance<0.2 Ω
SNR≥95dB (A-weighted)Max Input Level0 dB
Crosstalk≥ 72 dBChannel Imbalance0.2 dB
Peak Output Voltage2 Vp-pMAX Output Current>22 mA
Chip Used

Bluetooth chip:CSRA64215

DAC chip:AK4376

MIC FunctionSupported

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FiiO BTR1 V1.0 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier

The original FiiO BTR1 V1.0 super-discounted at half the price until out-of-stock

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