SMSL Q5 PRO Integrated Amplifier w/DAC Subwoofer Out

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Q5 PRO Hi-Fi Audio Digital Power Amplifier

Input: Optical, Coaxial, Analog, Computer USB

Output: 2-channel (stereo)

Sampling rate: 44.1-192kHz (coaxial • Optical)

44.1-96kHz (computer USB)

Maximum output power: 45W +45W(4Ohm )

25W +25W(8 Ohm )

THD+N: 0.05%

Dynamic Range: 102dB

SNR: 81dB

Get better sound out of your speakers with the SMSL Q5 Pro, an impressive DAC/power amp for the price.

Capable of driving high-resolution audio with a sampling rate of 44.1-192 kHz, it features nearly every input imaginable for your computer, flat-screen, Blu-ray player, and more.

Use the key control function, or make adjustments from across the room with the included remote control.

The TAS5508C uses AD modulation operating at a 384-kHz switching rate for 48-, 96- and 192-kHz data.

The 8x icersampling combined with the fifth-order noise shaper provides a broad, flat noise floor and excellent dynamic range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The CS8422 is a 24-bit, high performance, stereo asynchronous sample-rate converter with an integrated digital audio interface receiver that supports AES3 and S/PDIF interface standards.

Introduction to SMSL Audio

SMSL Audio is a company specializing in audio DACs, headphone amplifiers, power amplifiers, digital interfaces and high fidelity players, with its own research, production and marketing team.

The brand has its own R&D center that designs high quality HiFi products that meet all needs. The reliability of their devices has allowed the brand to gain popularity and recognition in the audiophile world.

A bit of history...

SMSL Audio established in Shenzen, China in 2009. In 2014 SMSL started to use ESS DAC chips to design and manufacture Hi-Fi Audio DACs. In 2015 SMSL created the widely acclaimed "Panda Set". In 2016 we launched a new series of power amplifiers with Danish ICE-Power technology. And in 2017 the company expanded its sales channels outside China. In 2018 the flagship SMSL DAC D1 is launched. In 2019 we launched the first MQA DAC, model M500. In 2020, on the SMSL's 10th Anniversary, we started the production of our first two-way passive hi-fi speaker. To be continued...

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SMSL Q5 PRO Integrated Amplifier w/DAC Subwoofer Out

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