Topping LA90 Amplifier 2x90W 4 Ohm / 1x180W 8 Ohm

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Topping LA90 Amplifier 2x90W 4 Ohm / 1x180W 8 Ohm

The LA90 is breaking new ground. It reaches a new level of priestliness and accuracy. The unprecedented level of performance will bring you the absolute amaze on the sound quality. The background doesn’t get any clearer than this.

Rock Solid

The LA90 adopts a high-precision CNC-machined all-alluminum housing, providing the product with exquisite details and solid protection. The built-in giant heat sink provides reliable and fast heat dissipation for the LA90’s amplifier circuit.

Low distortion while outputting high power

The typical THD+N of LA90 is 0.00007%@8Ω10W,  0.00008%@4Ω20W. This already as low as an excellent source. The LA90 has a very wide working range with low distortion under load. Even in the commonly used 4Ω load 1W-60W output and 8Ω lead 1W-40W output, the LA90 can control the distortion around 0.0001%.

Balanced inputs

The LA90 provides three balanced inputs. These have a combined format, allowing the use of both XLR and 6.35mm TRS cables. In addition, three connectors allow the device to be used in mono mode.

Two gain levels

In order to adapt to the vast majority of audio systems, including the most demanding, the LA90 offers an adjustable gain at two levels. The first, Low Gain, offers a gain of +6.7dB, while the second, High Gain, provides a gain of +19dB.

Mono & Stereo mode
The LA90 can be configured in a common stereo two-channel mode, or can be configured in a high-power mono mode. When using mono mode, the minimum load is 8Ω

Flexible volume control
You can control the volume on LA90, or set to bypass the volume control of LA90, then you can use a better pre-amplifier for volume control. This is especially useful when synchronizing the volume of two LA90 in mono mode. When used as pure power amplifier, LA90 can be used with the D90SE DAC, which is almost the lowest distortion DAC+amplifier combination. When used as pure power amplifier, PRE90 pre-amplifier is recommended. The PRE90 brings better volume control, more inputs, and a high-power combination of 1xPRE90 + 2xLA90 can easily be achieved.


Inputs: 3x Combined Jack 6.35mm TRS / XLR

Outputs: peaker terminals

Included in the package:

1x Topping LA90
1x Power supply
1x Speaker terminals jumper cable

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Topping LA90 Amplifier 2x90W 4 Ohm / 1x180W 8 Ohm

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