FiiO LC-RE Detachable Swivel-lock Earphone Replacement Cable MMCX


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Swappable plug headphone cable LC-RE

Gold, copper and silver wires | Swappable audio plugs

Litz Type 2 braided wires | 240 wires in 4 strands

Gold, silver and copper

For a heavenly sound

To achieve optimal sound quality, one has to consider everything – starting from the cable wire materials. The LC-RE consists of three kinds of wires – Furukawa monocrystalline copper, gold-plated monocrystalline copper, and pure silver. All three kinds of wires go through ultra-high temperature continuous casting after secondary smelting to be of the highest quality. Golden materials for that golden voice!  

Advanced anti-resistance Litz wire

Significant improvements at all frequencies

The LC-RE utilizes Litz Type 2 wires, in which wires are individually insulated to reduce the skin and proximity effects - for greatly reduced resistance and thus considerably improved signal transmission efficiency. With gold, silver, copper wires in a 1:1:1 ratio in these Litz cables, this means you will get clear sound with a wide, yet precise soundstage.

Taking your experience to new heights

This three-precious metals cable improves on the entire spectrum of sound frequencies – you will hear robust and atmospheric bass, soothing and lush vocals, as well as extended and resonant treble. 

*Wire count:(20 gold-plated + 20 monocrystalline copper + 20 pure silver)x4 strands,240 total wires

* Cable diameter:Single wire 0.05, strand 26AWG,entire cable 21AWG

Premium medical-grade cable sheath

The sheath of the LC-RE is made of medical-grade material, so chosen for its physical transparency, excellent flexibility, and ability to resist corrosion and discoloration. Not only does its pliable and exquisite texture feel premium, it also greatly reduces the cable’s microphonics. 

Expertly made at cutting-edge factory dedicated to quality audio

The LC-RE is produced in a state-of-the-art factory – with sophisticated testing equipment and specialized molding machinery, the factory is dedicated to producing quality audio products with ISO9001 certification and adoption of TQM quality management practices.

Fastidiously crafted for you

In order to let more audiophiles listen to better sound, some of the LC-RE’s copper wires are plated with real 24K gold, chosen for its thickness and purity. These materials were carefully selected to be combined together to achieve lower distortion and lower noise floor, allowing you to more easily hear all details and get engrossed in the music’s atmosphere.

Experience more with swappable audio plugs

The LC-RE allows you to transform it as needed - with durable, metal swappable audio plugs that are secure and easy-to-use. The audio plugs contain gold-plated four-pole pins for low contact resistance and low audio signal loss.  

*Standard 3.5 SE/2.5 Balanced/4.4 Balanced plugs

Great ergonomics for a better experience

Improved MMCX connector for easier connection and more secure fit;

24K gold-plated headphone contact pins for reduced audio signal loss;

Over-the-ear hook design for better comfort and more stable fit;

Premium metal cable splitter designed to minimize microphonics.



Ear hook:Over-the-ear

Core Material:Monocrystalline copper + 24K gold-plated monocrystalline copper + pure silver

Cable diameter:Single wire 0.05, strand 26AWG,entire cable 21AWG

Wire count:4 hand-woven strands of 20 gold-plated + 20 monocrystalline copper + 20 pure silver wires each, total of 240 wires

Wire structure:Litz Type 2, each wire is individually insulated

Cable length:1.2M+/-0.1M

Connector:Headphone end - MMCX/0.78mm;Source end – swappable 3.5mm single-ended/2.5mm balanced/4.4mm balanced

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FiiO LC-RE Detachable Swivel-lock Earphone Replacement Cable MMCX

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