FiiO LC-2.5D/LC-4.4D/LC-3.5D High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver Litz IEM Cable

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LC-2.5D / LC-3.5D / LC-4.4D High-Purity Monocrystalline Sterling Silver Litz Earphone Cable

Be purely moved by pure silver

Silver, which in its pure, free elemental form is found in the earth's crust, is highly prized for its highest electrical and thermal conductivity as well as reflectivity of any metal. It is precisely for this reason that FiiO's flagship cable adopts this material ad its core - more specifically, monocrystalline pure silver. Compared to common silver and 925 jewelry silver, the monocrystalline pure silver used in FiiO's earphone cable is of higher silver purity and thus has better conductivity. This means less loss when transmitting audio signals over the cable so that significantly more details are resolved and for a purer audio experience compared to silver-plated copper and even other typical pure silver cables. 

Specially-braided Litz wire

Fido's upgrade earphone cable is made of braided Litz wires. Liz wires were specifically chosen as each wire in the braid is electrically isolated from each other, greatly minimising the adverse "skin" and "proximity" effects. this results in a much purer signal and an improvement to frequency response that will even surprise the most discerning music lovers.

More wires inside to get deeper into your music

Each small strand of wire in the FiiO earphone cable consists of 8 Litz wires each of which are insulated from each other with a DuPont sheath, and 7 of these small strands are braided together into 1 large strand. With 4 large strands, there is a total of 224 wires in each FiiO earphone cable. More wires means better conductivity and ultimately. more finer detail resolved from your music. 

A real upgrade on the outside too

Even the outer cable sheath is an upgrade you'll immediately feel. The sheath is made of environmentally-friendly, medial grande transparent PVC material with a special protective coating. This coating not only enhances the cable's durability, it also makes it flexible and greatly decreases the microphonics.

Wearing over-the-ear like the pros

The upgrade cable is designed to be worn over-the-ear like  pro musicians do on-stage, resulting in a more comfortable fit as the cable more directly fits to the shape of your ear. 

Widely compatible with a variety of earphones

The upgrade earphone cable is available with 4.4mm balanced, 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended plugs to be compatible with the vast majority of music players out there today. Each type of plug comes as L-shaped for better ergonomics, and the headphone end utilises the proved, reliable and widely-uses MMCX connectors.

Max performance but at a friendly price

No matter if considering the sound quality, appearance, or the workmanship, FiiO's flagship line of cables rivals competitors costing significantly more. However, what it doesn't rival is the cost - allowing everybody to enjoy the benefits of extremely well-made cables at an affordable price. 

Guide to plug types

4.4mm balanced: Commonly used in music players like the FiiO M11, various Sony models, and others.

3.5mm sigle-ended: Comply used in smartphones, computers, and in MP3 and other music players.

2.5mm balanced: In most other music players supporting balanced output. 

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FiiO LC-2.5D/LC-4.4D/LC-3.5D High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver Litz IEM Cable

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