FiiO L28 Digital Coaxial Cable for FiiO players and Q5


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The L28 allows you to connect the Q5 and FiiO's other players through digital coaxial - from the 3.5mm coaxial out of the player to the 3.5mm coaxial in of the Q5. Supported players are: X3 II, X3 III, X5 II, X5 III, X7 and X7 II.

Dual metal-plated elbow plugs

For easier stacking with FiiO's other players, both 3.5mm ends of the L28 are L-shaped. Each 3.5mm end is also metal-plated to effectively avoid EMI (electromagnetic interference). Combined with the soft and flexible nature of the cable, and you have yourself an accessory that fuses both a slick look and ease of use.

Supports up to 192kHz/24bit audio

When paired with the Q5, you can send up to 192kHz/24bit audio over the coaxial connection through the L28. The paired player must be set to D2P mode when sending DSD format audio over the L28.


3.5mm to 3.5mm Coaxial cable for FiiO Music Players and FiiO Q5.

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FiiO L28 Digital Coaxial Cable for FiiO players and Q5

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